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In Flames: The countries of the world

For years In Flames have been at the top of the modern metal-movement. Since their great breakthrough with “Clayman” in the year 2000 the Swedes are touring around the world. They did many headliner-shows and tours, as well as opening for the greatest of the Metal circus. No need to say that you learn about countries and people with it. We talked to bassist Peter Iwers at W:O:A about his experiences in the different countries of the world…

We love this country. Our shows are always great and the beer is delicious. Germany is among our favorite countries for touring.

I personally really like this country. It`s a beautiful land with a beautiful landscape. The tapas really got me. Unfortunately we don`t play there too often. Hopefully this is going to change in the future.

The States have fantastic fans, I have to say. But I can`t cope with all the other things going on over there. By the way bud light rules. A very good beer.

Japan surely is the most organized country in the world. Everything is organized there. The people are very friendly but also very extreme. People are coming in suites to the concerts right after their work and just freak out. You can really see that it’s a different culture area…

Great Britain:
Oh, it`s always raining there! Scenically it`s also quite poor. We had our last tour there two years ago. They didn`t even have showers in their clubs. Unbelievable! I don`t have to be there again!

Finland lives Metal! Everybody likes metal and a lot of good bands are from there. But Finland is somehow a part of Sweden. That says everything, haha!

In Poland we only did one show, unfortunately. But it was really great. I don`t even know why we didn`t play there more often. I hope we`ll get there some time again.

Oh there we only played two shows until now. It both was at festivals. But I like the country and the fans are straight as well.

I love this land! We were supposed to play one show there, but it was cancelled, and we`re really sorry for that.

The best country in the world of course, haha!

Some questions to wrap it up: Are there countries you didn`t play at, but really want to?
My dream would be to play in China. The country is so different to everything we know in the western world. Also it has an interesting history, what makes it very interesting for tourists, too.

Imagine In Flames would play their last show! Where would that be?
In our hometown Gothenburg in Sweden of course!

When you are in musician retirement someday, where will you live?
I would possibly have at least two houses. Of course I would like to live in Sweden, but Spain would be perfect for long vacations, too. But Italy would work, too.

Which country is perfect for vacation, which definitely not?
Vacation in England is a no-go! I`m going for the south. Primarily Greece, I want to go on vacation there again.

Peter, we thank you for this conversation and wish you a lot of success in touring!

Author: Timo Päßler, transl. Katrin Dietl, photos: Timo Päßler
Date: 2007-09-11

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