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Stereo Junks!: No bullshit!

Just recently this Finnish Rock/Glam/Punk Band raised our attention with their great live performance (see our Mama Trash festival special) – so how come you hardly ever hear or see anything from Stereo Junks!, even in their home town Helsinki? STALKER managed to reach band mastermind and singer Anzi Destruction in order to find out...

Who are the Stereo Junks? Please introduce yourselves
STEREO JUNKS! was founded in 2003. We play new generation Rock īNī Roll. All the best punk bands from 70īs and rock bands from 80īs updated into this day. From there comes the combination called "Suicide RockīNī Roll".

In the beginning of this year you were still looking for new band members. Have you found some by now?
Weīre still looking for a bass player and a drummer. Thereīs plenty of artists and bands in Finland, considering what small country this is, but unfortunately there are not not so many professional players, so itīs been pain in the ass finding the right members for the band!!

For how long do the Stereo Junks! already exist? Whatīs the story behind the band?
I formed Stereo Junks! In 2003. It just happened. Nothing was planned. We were jamming with friends, thatīs how it got started. We had some same influences with previous line-ups, but also very different kind of influences, which was a good mix when we started, but at some point it didnīt work anymore. I wanted to take Stereo Junks! to a higher level. Weīve made few releases and weīve been touring in England, France, Germany and even in India!

How did you come up with the band name?
Well. I had to find a good and not so common name, so Stereo Junks! was perfect. Junk your head in Stereo. You get high and hooked when you listen to Stereo Junks!

You recently played a gig in Gloria in Helsinki with many other bands from Mama Trash Promotions – how was it for you? How did the crowd respond to your performance?
People love us of course :) It was a great evening. People knew what they came to see. You can see it right away. It was a special night. Total blast! :)

Youīre a proud member of the Mama Trash promotions family. Whatīs the concept behind it?
Mama Trash is promoting us and a few other bands, mainly from the States but from Europe also. We met Mama Trash back in 2005. I think we are one of her first artists.

One of our reviewers compared your show with the legendary Iggy Pop. Do you feel honoured? Do you even agree?
Of course Iīm honoured :) Feels good, not bad at all. Iggy has influenced me, like many artist from 70īs and 80īs. Many people want to compare you with someone, cos they wanna find something familiar in you, so that they can figure out whatīs going on. I feel honoured, Iggy is a tough guy. Iīve heard lot of comparing me to Iggy. Sometimes it frustrating, cos Anzi is Anzi and Iggy is Iggy.

You define your musical style as "hard boner suicide rocknroll". What kind of audience do you want to reach with that mix?
Our music is for everybody who has a good taste, who wants to be part of the new rock revolution what is happening, cos of Stereo Junks! People who listen to Stereo Junks! are people who know what they want and need. They hate crappy music and useless things in life. They donīt waste life for bullshit. They do what they do and say what they say. Thatīs what our music is all about, and weīre proud to have so many people in our boat!

I read that you were also doing some backing vocals on The 69eyes album "Angels"? How did that come about? How was the recording?
Jyrki called me and asked if I could come and sing some backing vocals. I spent a few days in studio yelling and screaming :) It was an easy fun session. Their new tunes rock!

As far as I could find out, you released an EP in 2005 ("Suicide Angels")? Howīs the current recording situation?
Weīre in studio now recording. Canīt really say how long itīs gonna take, but itīs gonna take some time. We donīt have the whole line up etc. so thereīre many things which are slowing down the process. All I can say that itīs gonna be helluva album. Already sounds amazing. Thereīs very different kind of songs, but of course all the songs have their Stereo Junks! evilness, power and emotion. The sound is a little bit heavier and weīve also added some machines for the songs. Same old Stereo Junks! but in fresh new way. Itīs a cross between organic sound and new synthetic sound. I always try to find new ways to improve my Rock īnī Roll. Donīt wanna recycle same old shit all over again. Thatīs pointless. I wanna go forward. I think you should disappear from music business if you do the same old shit every day. Of course everything you do has been done before, but I offer something new, more than many other bands in this scene.

What are you doing besides the music (working)?
I work as sound engineer.

Your fanbase seems already quite international, there are Italian fansites, German street teams. Do you think that people are longing for hair metal again? Or has the fascination never stopped?
Itīs definitely back now. Back in 90īs when I was in school everybody was wondering and looking at me whatta hell!? Is he a gay!? Why does he wear stuff like that!? It wasnīt a trend for people of my age born in 80īs. It was a very interesting time :) But now the same people are wearing stuff like me and listening to the same kind of music. Funny :)

Your musical influences are pretty obvious, but you must have been very young or not even born when those bands were big…
I wasnīt born when most of my favourite bands were big, but Iīve grown listening to those bands.

If you had to decide between sex, drugs and rock n roll? What would be your choice?
Rock īNī Roll! I would like to keep those three things separately.

Whatīs your ambition with this band? How far would you go to become successful/famous?
I would go far and I will go far. Basically this band and my music is everything for me, so I could die for this.

If, for some reason, you donīt make it in the music biz – what will you do?
I could be a fisherman :)

What was, so far, the most exciting/disappointing moment in your band history?
The most exciting thing is coming. The most disappointing thing was that Iīve had very bad luck with Stereo Junks! line up and all the bullshit around the band. Everything that is in your way, while youīre trying to do what you love most, just sucks...

Whatīs cool/sucks about being a musician?
Cool is that you have your music. That gives you so much. Itīs the most powerful medicine for your soul. Bad thing about music biz is that itīs the most unfair business on this planet. You never know whatīs gonna happen. No matter how hard you try, you never know where you are in the end...

What are your future plans? When and where can people see or hear you again?
We donīt have any shows before spring. Weīre writing new songs. A single is coming out in spring. Stay tuned and beware!!


Author: Kathleen Gransalke, transl. K. Weber, photos: Juha Helminen
Date: 2007-10-28

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