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Necromantia: Clear and brief

Well, it is rarely the case that we can provide pretty literally what is announced in the title. Necromantia´s "The Magus" kept his answers quite short ... and it seems that those Greeks in general abstain themselves from publicity, because also photo material of them is quite sparsely found...

The band, founded in1989 by The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (8-string bass) is different to other acts even because of their instruments: Two bass guitars replace the usual guitars, and they add to their sound in a quite unconventional way, using saxophone and percussions. The pioneers of the second wave of Black Metal they set new standards in the Greek scene; their new album "The Sound of Lucifer Storming Heaven" made a mark at STALKER reviews, too... But now it´s Magus´turn ...

What is the Metal scene in Greece like?
Pretty strong! We have all kinds of metal. From Hard Rock to extreme Black Metal

What did change for the band / in the Greek Metal scene in all these years?

For us nothing. We have the same following as before but the scene grew much
larger....we were about 10 bands in the 90´s and now they are more than 100....

How did you have the idea with your instrumentation (2 basses) or did it just

It actually happened since when we started the band. We were 2 bass players and
instead of hiring a guitarist we thought to try the 8 string first. We liked and we
kept it.... It keeps the originality of our sound

What inspires you, where do you get your inspiration?
From everywhere....movies, books, life, afterlife, my own feelings and quests

What is the story behind the new album, and are you satisfied with the response
so far?

The response seems great so far....there is no specific story about the album
....there is a story behind every song...read the lyrics and you will understand
that the music is very connected with them

Isn´t it particularly difficult to focus on Black Metal themes in a
Roman-Catholic country? Did you have troubles because of "Satanist" music?

Greeks are Orthodox, not Roman -Catholic. It is similar. Well, we had some troubles
in the far past, but now everything is ok....the church is not that much into
checking anymore....they care more about their pockets

What does "Black Metal" mean for you (music, philosophy)?

Black Metal is an extreme form of art. The only philosophy that is behind is a
tendency to the darker side of man....that is it...My own philosophy on life and
everything else is far too complicated and personal to analyze here....

Which music to you like to listen to? Your personal top 5 albums, the most
influential for your band?

Very difficult...I will mention bands instead of albums:


What was the most bizarre moment in your band history?

The forming of the band itself....

Your plans int he near future?
No plans....we will create good music as long as we can! Stay Dark!

Author: Klaudia Weber, photos: Necromantia
Date: 2007-12-12

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