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Primordial: Twist of fate

Those guys from Dublin raised STALKERs attention, when their sixth album „To The Nameless Dead“ missed the maximum score only by a hair´s breadth with an exciting mixture of epic Black and Pagan Metal. Is the career of the band, founded in 1987 (!), now finally lifting off? Vocalist Alan alias A. A. Nemtheanga appears to be rather reserved …

Are you satisfied with the response to your new album so far?

I´m not sure to be honest, it’s perhaps too early to tell. The response from the press has been incredible (several big Metal media named “To The Nameless Dead” as Album Of The Month, the ed.), but whether people buy the thing remains to be seen. We might just remain a cult band.

Describe all band members with all their characteristics, spleens etc

Spleens? Ciaran (MacUiliam, guitars) is quiet and methodical with a very dry sense of humour, Paul (MacAmlaigh – bass) is more fiery and aggressive, doesn’t suffer fools easily. Michael (O’Floinn – guitars) is very quiet and is quite a private person. Simon (O’Laoghaire – drums) is very easygoing and calm. I’m the more opinionated difficult and intense one…

What is the Irish Metal scene like? What did change in all those years?

It’s small but close knit, most people know each other and help each other out. It’s changed so much, it´s incredible. Ireland has come from being a 2nd world country in the late 80s and early 90s when we began to a very different society, and Metal reflects that.

What was the most bizarre moment in your band history?

Really too many to mention. We have found ourselves in some very strange situations. If you think of how I joined the band, I was the only person who answered a small add up in the local Metal shop back in 91 that was covered over after one hour. I nearly didn’t go to the shop that day….strange how things work out.

Apropos band history – it sometimes reads like Spinal Tap (I can only recommend to all readers to check it out for themselves in all gory details on the band´s homepage…). Did you ever think of quitting & just focusing a „real“ job?

Well, we don’t make money from Primordial. It’s not our job, so we all have variations on the real jobs you are talking about. Primordial is like an institution in all our lives…

So what are you doing outside the band?

You know what? I never answer that. Who cares, it´s not really that interesting or important.

What is your main inspiration for songs & lyrics?

Very vague question…can I say living to be as vague as the question? History, politics, travelling, people, faith, belief…

What does „Paganism“ mean to you, is it more your personal philosophy or more a musical direction?

Paganism in the 21st century again is really difficult to define as there is no strict set of rules. It’s not a religion in the strict sense, so there’s no dogma attached to it that you have to follow. Personally on a very simple level I would say it means you are aware of the elements around you and try to live in harmony with them and not opposed to them. Which is a hard thing to do in the 21st century, but you have to adapt. You could even say buying fruit and vegetables from the local shop and not from the large multinational is “pagan” as you are supporting the local natural environment…hard to say.

Are all of you guys involved in songwriting? How does a typical rehearsal look like?

It looks like it did in 1991…dark, dank, smokey rooms. Lots of arguing and shouting. No laptops, no mp3 trading, no cut and paste or pro tools…

Your personal top 5 Metal albums

Hard one to call
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Bathory – Blood Fire Death
Holy Terror – Mind Wars
Rotting Christ – Triarchy of the Lost Lovers
Exodus – Bonded by Blood…among too many.

What do you think is cool/totally sucks about being a musician?

The best thing is playing live, travelling to places you might never have been. Meeting interesting people. The worst ?…labels ripping you off.

You played in Finland this year – how was it, how did you like this country & the Metal audiences here?

Great. Funny and passionate people. Very dark sense of humour people have up there. We drank too much but I guess that was to be expected…hopefully we will be back in 2008.

When are you coming back for a tour? Future plans?

Who knows...hopefully in 2008 ! Keep the faith...


Author: Klaudia Weber, photos: Primordial
Date: 2007-12-13

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