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Lizzy Borden kills again

In the history of cruel unsolved murders you should be familiar with the name Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borden, suspected of murdering her father and stepmother with a hatchet on August 4, 1892 in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. In the history of US Shock/Glam Metal, you should be familiar with Lizzie Borden, too. The band, alive and kicking since 1983 and named after the murder case heroine, had a strong comeback with their recent output “Appointment with Death”. Finally STALKER caught band mastermind Lizzy himself for a little chat…

How were the reactions on the new CD so far? Did they meet your expectations?

I didn´t know what kind of reaction we we´re going to get. “Deal with the devil”, our last record, was the best reviews we´ve ever gotten, this record is a little more traditional than “Devil”, so I had a feeling people would like it. But to answer your question, it´s by far exceeded my expectations, I have not seen one bad review.

How was it playing live recently, how was the audience response?

The last few shows we have played were very unusual for us. We played the New England metal festival, which was almost all death metal and we killed. Not being a death metal band and doing really well at a death metal festival is pretty amazing. We also just played a metal core show, we were the only classic metal band, and the audience was very young, and again we killed! We´re having an amazing time knowing we can play any show anywhere with almost any band and do well.

How does the „new guy“ fit in, and did he bring some changes to the band?

Ira Black, our new guitarist, is an amazing fit for Lizzy Borden, he is a little heavier than any player that we´ve had before, but that was something we we´re looking for. He is great on stage as well.

Why did it take so long to release „Appointment with Death“ (late 2007) after „Deal with the Devil“ (late 2000)?

Our guitarist Alex Nelson passed away, and then we spent a year and a half on a record that we never released, and then we recorded two Starwood records, one released in 2004 and one that will be released this year. (Starwood is a side project formed in 2004, including Lizzy Borden members, e.g. Lizzy and drummer Joey Scott, the ed.)

You have been in the scene for such a long time. What do you see as your biggest mistakes/biggest blessings so far, and what was the weirdest thing happening to you?

Our biggest mistake was not touring enough. Biggest blessing is that we are able to still do what we love. My whole life is weird, but the one thing that comes to mind at the moment is being able to play for a younger audience and have them respond the way that they are, it´s amazing and weird for us, I see the same reaction now that I used to see back in ´83, it´s like a time warp.

From my viewpoint you seem to be much more successful & well-known in the States than in Europe. What do you think is the reason for that?

Not touring enough. But we´re trying to remedy that and get over there and play a lot more in the near future.

Are you sometimes angry that so many bands with your sound & ideas in recent years reached so quickly career peaks & worldwide fame, whereas – at least in Europe – it seems to be so much more difficult for you?

It´s frustrating. If it was up to us, things would be different, but it´s not up to us, you have to deal with crazy agents and promoters that never heard of Lizzy Borden or think they know and have misconceptions about the kind of band we are. All we can do is hope that the fans get behind us and request that we play in their town and open the promoter´s eyes to the Lizzy Borden show.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Which kind of music are you listening to?

While I´m writing I don´t listen to anyone, but in-between those times I try and listen to a little bit of everything, from metal to pop to rock-a-Billy.

What are you doing when you´re not busy with the band?

These days that´s all I´m doing. Right now I´m finishing the new Starwood record that will be out this year, I´m also writing ideas for the next Lizzy record. But I like to watch films and hope to be involved in making some at some point soon.

Your personal top 5 Metal albums:

I love metal, but most of my favourite bands are rock like Kiss/ Cooper, but as far as metal goes

Judas priest: Unleashed in the east/Screaming for vengeance
Black Sabbath: Heaven and Hell

Is there still a dream you would like to fulfil one day?

Like I said before, I really want to get involved in film. I would also like to tour Europe the way we should have been for the last 25 years.

So when do you come to Europe on a tour?

As of now we have Sweden Rock and Bang Your Head festivals confirmed, but we are in the middle of working out a proper tour. Keep checking the www.Lizzyborden.com

A funny/weird tour story?

Getting arrested after the Bang Your Head festival for trying to bring bloody props on the plane - it´s funny now, but believe me, it was not funny then.

Finally, would you be excited if a CSI team would try to solve Lizzy Borden´s case now, once and for all?

Not really, I know very little about it and have no desire. I took the name, and that´s where it ended for me.

Author: Klaudia Weber, photos: Lizzy Borden
Date: 2008-02-04

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