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Brainstorm & Powerwolf: Old socks and 18 crates of Jever

Todde and Milan of Brainstorm on one side and Attila and Matthew of Powerwolf on the other, thatīs true friendship! Such funny interviews are indeed rare. You could get the impression that this quartet doesnīt take anything or anyone seriously. But get your own impression of this match Schwaben vs. Saarland (Matthew: “We come from everywhere but there is our homebase.”)

So introduce yourselves, you four!
Matthew: Matthew Greywolf. I play guitar inPowerwolf. Otherwise I do practically nothing.
Attila: You cannot say it like that. After all you do more than I do.
Matthew: Well, I also unload our trailer, haha. But that wasnīt serious.
Attila: Attila Dorm. Iīm the singer of Powerwolf and nothing else.
Milan: Iīm Milan and I play one of the guitars in Brainstorm.
Todde: And I play the other one.

Attila, Matthew, please describe Brainstorm!
Attila: They are nice and friendly. They donīt shout at us ore something.
Matthew: We are on the same wave length. Thereīs no friction.

Todde, Milan, your turn! How would you describe Powerwolf?
Milan: Basically quite nice. At least during day time. In the evening it sucks that you have to put garlic on you all the time, in order to keep them off...
Todde: We complement each other quite nicely. Thereīs nothing to complain about. And they are our label colleagues.

Matthew and Attila, how would you explain the music of Brainstorm to somebody who doesnīt know Metal?
Matthew: I thought I became a musician so I donĻt have to explain music. I just make music. You are the ones to desribe it, haha. Ok seriously, for me itīs important that I can understand music. And I can understand Brainstormīs music. And itīs a good mixture, right in the face on one hand but still very melodic.
Todde to Milan: Okay, tonight Powerwolf will get one Cola more from us.

And how would you Milan and Todde, describe Powerwolfīs music?
Todde: I think it is quite traditional classical Metal that is quite near our musicīs category.
Milan: I really like this song “Saturday Satan”. Itīs pure ear candy. Partly even the Norwegians (he talks about Paganīs Mind, who tour witht BS and PW, the ed.) sing it in the bus.
Attila: I really like the final sing-along part of your show. Later at night we also sing it in our trailer. It really works out fine to kick people out with this one, so to say.
Todde: But that wasnīt really planned, the Swiss guys started with that. And we just adopted it.

Which band has you surprised the most recently?
Todde: Nightwish, as they had the guts to replace their good old singer with a good new one. The new album is just great. And Dieter Bohlen, haha, that he finally parted with Thomas Anders. (conemplates a bit) Yes of course, Helloween and Gamma Ray, going on tour together.
Matthew: I was at a Volbeat conzert. They just blew me away, although that is abolutely not my music.
Todde: And of course Testament. And Children of Bodom. And also In Flames. The new records will be great.

Please complete the following sentences: Touring is like...
Todde: ...not being at home.
Milan: ...Brainstorm Wellness holiday!
Attila: For us itīs not Wellness. I would say itīs working and sweating. But you have to mention also our moody trailer. Itīs always good for a surprise. I

Writing new songs is like...
Todde: ...making even more children, haha!
Matthew: ...putting older kids in the corner.

When I have a finished album in my hands, itīs like ...
Todde: ...birth.
Matthew: ...finished.
Milan: ...having a real good dump.

Giving interviews is like...
Attila: ...eating old socks.
Todde: ...or puking them up again, haha. Especially when the journalist asks real stupid questions, like finishing sentences, haha. Seriously, I would say, thatīs our daily bread.

My personal musical highlight was ...
Milan: Our new bass player Antonio Ieva.

Ieva/ Jever? Is it written like the beer brand?
Milan and Todde laugh their asses off. Milan: Haha, thatīs great! We have to tell him that tonight, haha!
(It takes a while until both can continue.)

Todde: Pavarotti. So great! First getting into a 18 million debt and then simply kicking the bucket, haha! It is always cool to play with musicians who know their job.
Matthew: That means not with us, haha! I always like it a lot when we can play live. And when somebody comes to me after a show and says that he liked it, that means a lot to me.
Todde: For us itīs about passion. Music is our passion. We donīt care about money and other unimportant crap!

Imagine that you ended on a lonely island. What would you do to kill time until you get rescued?
Milan: Become gay!
Todde: Thatīs a bit like being on tour. You end up somewhere every day and have to kill time somehow. And of course we would drink our 18 crates of Jever that are standing under the palm tree, haha!
Milan: Our Jever / Ieva, haha!
Attila: Well I would play table tennis. The board for it I would have taken with me before, of course.

Which 5 CDs wpuld you like to have with you?
Todde: Both Powerwolf and the new Brainstorm, of course. And naturally the new Children of Bodom, Testament and In Flames!
Matthew: If you take 8 CDs with you, we wonīt have room any more.
Todde: ...and of course the new Nightwish!
Attila: Well, letīs discuss that. They could also use my table tennis board.

Milan: And on top of that we put the aborigines!
Attila: Where would the CD player come from? Already there? And where to get energy?
Milan: The player could be powered by our drummer with his double bass.

Take your pick! Maiden or Priest?
Attila and Matthew: Maiden!
Todde and Milan: Priest!

Stage or Studio?
Attila and Matthew: Stage!
Todde: I donīt know, should I say also stage? I think itīs rather both.
Milan: Yes, both is OK.

Scotch or Bourbon
Matthew: Bourbon!
Attila: Bourbon!
Milan: Bourbon!
Todde: Bourbon! Itīs smoother.

CD or Vinyl?
Matthew: CD. Vinyl is hardly available.
Attila: Also CD.
Milan: CD.
Todde: CD.

Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama?
Todde: I donīt like Clinton so much... She is such a power woman.
Matthew: I say Barrack Obama.
Attila: Me too!
Milan: I donīt know... Perhaps also Obama.
Todde: So I say: Clinton for President! And Obama should be Vice President. I would be interested who would become Clintonīs trainee. Perhaps Obama.

Trekking in Sweden or swimming in Mallorca?
Matthew: In Sweden there are so many moskitos, I take Mallorca.
Milan: I rather lie in the sun!Ich liege auch lieber in der Sonne!
Todde: Mallorca, of course.
Attila: Well, so I also take Mallorca. Never been there.

What is happening in the near future?
Matthew: We received from Metal Blade our next album deadline November 28., so after the tour we will go to studio. We have some ideas already, letīs see, we are basically quite quick songwriters.
Todde: First the tour, then the festivals. And after that we release three new CDs and finally become millionaires!

Author: Timo Päßler, transl. Klaudia Weber, photos: T. Päßler
Date: 2008-03-22

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