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Theatres Des Vampires: The age of a new vampirism

In the fall of 2008 a dark legion of bloodsucking creatures rises out of the musty grave to draw the curtain of horror for another act in the history of Vampire Metal. Inspired by the Vampire- Chronicles of Anne Rice and the Paris´ famous Vampire Theatre where the undead masked as human actors in fact wipe out live to satisfy their extroverted blood thirst, Theatres Des Vampires show themselves again unleashed sanguinary.

“Anima Noir” is the latest chapter of the Italians called, which disposes consequent in the history of the already released acts. Melodic Gothic Metal with a heavy melancholy and black-romantic lyric. The perfect soundtrack for all children of the night, how countess Sonya Scarlet willingly gives away in the STALKER – Interview, and also uncovers some more secrets…

“´Anima Noir‘is the result of a long time of hard- working, analysis and study. Technique and emotions are working together as one to open a new chapter: modern, powerful, melancholic and sacral as one. The time is right for the next step, which discharges a new area of vampirism so something bigger and more innovate can grow”, the twilight countess philosophizes to go on lost in thought: “We like this kind of atmosphere you can hear on our albums, as well as we like horror- literature. I think our music is the soul for the art of Gothic.”

Inspiration Sonya gets from life itself: “Every single day is filled with influences of all kinds, may they be art, movies, small-talk – all members of the band show their experiences the others and at least we have a wide tool with lots of themes. The connection between us is almost magical; we are connected in much more ways than just music. It´s a complete life style that has shaped us and which we live out with Theatres Des Vampires for 100%. "

For the realistic conversion of this live- attitude the attractive singer is known well. So for example she shows the thirsty fellows her slashed arm to give away some of the sweet nectar of immortality. A quite controversial kind of show, but for Lady Sonya it is art, she tells charming: “Long time ago I studied literature and my professor gave me a deciding suggestion: if you make art you don´t have to explain. Art is something you make just for yourself and if others like it, it will be much better, but the main reason should be your own gladness of the creation. With this I can identify myself absolutely and to come once more to the album: Anima Noir is our soul, nothing more, but also nothing less."

Nevertheless behind the actual release is a more concrete philosophy. “Everything moves so fast and is so much fading and we don´t have the time to realize the important things in this short life. Mankind is blinded, burned- out, empty and god is their best excuse. Everything should disappear, everything should be dust again, and also our memories and we fight against the fast movement of all things that takes away beloved people. We simply try to counteract this process with energetic music full of life. And blood is life!”

Sounds complicated, but the charismatic diva does not want to go into detail: “Music cannot be defined anyway. It should get emotions across to everyone without explanation. Violence, fear, pain, sorrow, love, hate – all this is combined in ‘Anima Noir´. By the way: the title is made of two different languages, to show the multidimensionality of the record. ‘Anima´ is the Italian word for the soul; ‘Noir´ is French and means ‘black´."

Black as the children of the night whose kind Madame Scarlet adores so much she explains with passion: “Vampirism is the most seductive kind of immortality and since the dawn of time we are fascinated from the thought to flee forever from death. I was early engaged in Eastern Europe legends and poems, but nothing absorbed me like the legend of the damned, the undead. Lately it was clear that this will affect our music and so Theatres Des Vampires was born."


Author: Jasmin Froghy, transl. Gregor Bewernick, photos: Theatres Des Vampires
Date: 2008-08-18

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