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One-Way Mirror: Easy, fast and efficient

One-Way Mirror was created in 2005 when 5 close friends decided to join forces to create the ultimate rock metal band: Guillaume Bideau (Mnemic), David and Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I), Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) and Loic Colin (Scarve, Watcha). In the end, the alchemy was so perfect that 11 tracks were composed and recorded that found their way on the bands self-titled debut album, released this summer. Before fans can check them out live - on tour with Soilwork in November - we caught Franck to answer a few questions.

How did you guys find together as a band?
Actually, we know each other for a long time now. David and I play in Lyzanxia, Dirk, Loic and Guillaume play, or used to play in Scarve. We met Guillaume first in 2000 and then the rest of Scarve. We used to share a lot of stage with these bands. We always had a lot of fun, we´ve got the same musical vision and we are really close friends.

We always wanted to make a band together and 3 years ago Guillaume called us to do it. He came to our studio and we started working on a song to see if it could work or not. 2 hours later, Deprived of Connection was done. One-Way Mirror is something really natural. Five friends playing music and having fun!

Your band consists of guys playing also in other bands which are very busy with touring, recording and so on. How do you find time to play with OWM?
One-Way Mirror is composed by members of Soilwork, Mnemic, Lyzanxia, Scarve and Phaze I (Actually, Phaze I is composed by Dirk, David and I, so there´s no matter!!!).
Everything is a matter of schedule. Now, the next Mnemic and the next Lyzanxia will be out in 2009, so we have one year to spend on OWM by doing the promotion, touring, making videos… it´s going to work fine.

How does the songwriting work in your case?
Guillaume, David and I are the composer for this first album. We work by team of 2. Guillaume and I, David and Guillaume or David and I. It´s always pretty easy, fast and efficient. One day is one song. It works really well because we know exactly what we like and what we want to do.

What live activities are you planning?
We are working on a tour for the end of 2008 (with Soilwork, the ed.). We´ve got already 15 good gigs in France and we want to tour everywhere we can plug our amps. We´d like to work really hard on the live acts. Make a real show.

Can we expect a new album of you in the future or will just be a one-album-project?
One-Way Mirror is absolutely not a ‘One-Album-Project´. It´s a real band and today, it´s our priority so we´re going to work on a new album as soon as we have 15 free days, hahaha!!! Actually we already began to work on songs.

Which bands have influenced the sound of OWM most?
Of course we can say that in some ways our other bands have been influences to the sound of OWM but it´s not a mix of what we´ve done before. We like bands like Filter, Godsmack, Pain, Rammstein, The Beatles… everything, which is good to listen to!

Any final words to the maniax out there?
Have a beer, listen to One-Way Mirror, have another beer and Relax!


Author: Timo Päßler, transl. K. Weber, photos: OWM
Date: 2008-08-24

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