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LORDI: Crazy Ride to Burn-out

The Finnish Monster Rockers Lordi haunt the scene again. After the Eurovision Song Contest hype it became more quiet around the band. Now punctually on Halloween the the Monsters will be back with their new record “Deadache” (see the STALKER review) and Mr. Lordi´s movie “Dark Floors”. We talked with Bass player Ox about the good and bad aspects that come along with success and about the future plans of the band.

Hello, first of all thank you very much for your time, how are you doing such a short time before the release of the new record?
Fine, thank you! Anxiously waiting for the record to come out.

Please tell us something about the production of the new record, where did you record it and who wrote the songs?
We recorded it at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki. It was produced by Nino Laurenne (Thunderstone). Most of the songs are written by Mr. Lordi, but we all have written something on the album though. Before we went to the studio, we had 60 songs to choose 15 out of. That was a tough job too.

What can we expect from the Deadache record?
In my opinion it´s the best Lordi album so far. The sound is rougher and tougher than before. It´s a bit darker and the lyrics are more brutal than before, but still it´s not metal. It´s the same old Alice Cooper-kind of hard rock that Lordi´s always been.

Why did you choose the record title Deadache?
After the long Arockalypse tour and all the Eurovision hassle, Mr. Lordi suffered burn-out. And he went to his cabin in the north to rest and write this album. I guess "Deadache" represents how he felt (and the rest of the band too) at the moment.

I heard that the Song “Missing Miss Charlene” has a part of a melody that was already written in 1986, how did the idea came up to use this melody, can you tell what the song is about?
In that song Mr. Lordi used the same melody he had played with his band when he was like 11 or 12 years old. In the outro of the song is actually a little piece of the original recording where Mr. Lordi is singing when he was 11! I think it´s great! It´s like the circle becomes full.

Your new record will be released at Halloween, why did you choose this date?
For a band like us, Halloween is just perfect to put out an album!

You made a movie called the Dark Floors, how did the idea came up to make a movie?
That´s been Mr. Lordi´s dream till he was a little kid. I love movies, and I think everybody in the band does, so when the chance became to do it, of course we did. But still, couple years ago I would never have believed that I would be in a movie someday!

I have seen the movie only in Finland, could it be that it is not released yet in the rest of Europe?
I think it will be released with the album or after the album in many countries. It´s been sold to over 50 countries. So it´s pretty sure that it will come out sooner or later.

Are there plans for a new Lordi movie?
No plans, but why not? I loved doing Dark Floors. I never thought I would enjoy acting so much, but I did. It was fun!

How are your plans for the rest of the year and next year? Are you planning to go on Tour?
Yes, we´re going on tour. First we go to America for a few weeks tour and we also play on Late Night With Conan O´Brien, which is great! Then, in January we´re gonna start our European tour. And after that, I don´t know yet, but hopefully Japan and so on...

Do you have any plans for Music-Videos, if yes for which songs?
We already did a video for our first single "Bite It Like A Bulldog". At this moment the next single hasn´t been decided yet. But what ever it is, I´m pretty sure there´s gonna be a video.

You were touring last year in the USA, how was this experience? Is there a difference between USA and Europe relating to Fans, Clubs and so on?
It was great! I mean, Ozzy Osbourne´s our hero and we got to do the whole Ozzfest-tour on the same stage with him and his great band! The fans have been so great, no matter where you go. Both in Europe and America I´ve seen many fans with Lordi tattoos. That´s the biggest compliment you can ever get!

How is it for you, do you have still some kind of private life after the huge success? Is it still possible to go on the street without being asked for autographs at every corner?
Yes, we are so blessed that we still have our private lives. When we put our masks on, we see how it is to be a star. But then, we can take the mask off and no-one knows who we are. And I´m the kind of person that doesn´t like too much attention. So I´m glad I can go out and have a beer and no-one knows who I am.

One question for Awa and Ox, you have been just a short time in the Lordi crew when the big success came, you had no time to get used to it, how was it for you both to be thrown in at the deep end?
OX: I´m glad I was 30 years old and not 20 when it happened! It would´ve been so different. I like to think that I kept my feet in the ground pretty well and kept everything very realistic, like the whole band did (can´t say everyone around us did, though!). And also, we did a tour in Finland before Eurovision, so we got to see how it was before Eurovision too. I´m glad about that.
AWA: Yes I have same kind of thoughts like Mr. OX. I think what have been the most hardest things are how media can treat you and what an effect it has to the “big audience” and also how much business stuff is involved if you want to do this and make a living too. But most of the time we´ve just enjoined this crazy ride!

Thank you very much. All the best.


Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Lordi
Date: 2008-10-27

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