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Emergency Gate: 150 % dedication

There´s a lot to do for German Metallers Emergency Gate recently, it seems that they have indeed managed to reach the next level in Metal heaven with their new album "Rewake" STALKER managed to get hold of bass player Mario Lochert, who managed to answer a few questions despite tour stress...

Right now you are on tour with Kreator. How the reactions to your music so far?
It is a long and hard tour through 18 European countries. Right now I am sitting in our tour bus and writing these lines. Every night we are performing at 150%, as it would be our last show ever. As far as I recorgnize it, most people are positivly surprised by our music and most of the reviews are quite good. Some people even wondering that we are from Germany because they think we are from Scandinavia or the USA when they hear our music. But we are from Munich…

How was ``Rewake`` written?
``Rewake`` was born in Vladi´s (Doose, EG-guitarist, the ed.) mind. Vladi and I were sitting for hours in front of my computer and were recording and arranging guide tracks. When we were through, we already entered the studio where Udo (Simon, EG-guitarist, the ed.) also brought `Double Suicide`. In the Dreamscape Studios in Munich, we began to record – without a vocalist. So we recorded all instruments first, then we searched for a new vocalist. We finally found Matthias Kupka (ex-Suidakra), who fits perfectly to us and brings as well the necessary emotions into the songs.

How does your songwriting work?
The songwriting varies, sometimes somebody comes along with a riff, sometimes with a text. Sometimes a title is already totaly completed and only needs to be arranged. All in all, the songwriting works like in other bands as well. But he final product is always a suprise for us because you never know how it will sound in the end.

Which rituals do you have to prepare for a show?
Until 25 minutes before the show everybody does what he wants. Then we meet in the backstage room, Matthias warms up his voice, we check our guitars again and drink one last beer together. Then we go behind the stage and wait until the intro begins. Then we put our heads and fists together and push us up before it is showtime.

How do you kill your time on tour?
Actually we do not have so much waiting time. The backline must be checked, the instruments as well. Then we have a short lunch before it is showtime.Afterwards a little bit relaxing, some meetings with fans, Interviews. Then finally having a shower and back to bus where talk about the day and the show. When we wake up, we are already in a new city where everything begins again. On a day off we may a lunch with wine or do as well some interviews. But we do also have fun on tour.

What can we expect in the next time of Emergency Gate?
I think the world will expect some more great albums, cool concerts and much of Heavy Metal. But right now we concentrate on the now: playing a cool tour and convince as many fans a spossible.


Author: Timo Päßler, photos: Emergency Gate
Date: 2009-02-19

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