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StrommoussHeld: 666 Latina Chicks

At the Hellhounds Fest Tour 2009 of TIAMAT (together with The 69 Eyes and Ava Inferi) a band from Poland, StrommoussHeld, joined for two gigs in Warsaw and Cracow. In the year 2004 they had published the albums “Behind the curtain” and “Halfdecadence” for which they got very good reviews in a lot of magazines. They´ve been on tour with Samael and played in Poland on the Mega-festival “Przystanek Woodstock” (500000 visistors). After this it became silent – but now they´re back, therefore they shall be introduced to you via this interview with Maels Strommö, the singer, guitarero and composer of this band.

For those, who never have heard music from StrommoussHeld: how would You describe Your music and what makes it specific, different... than music from other bands?

StrommoussHeld is one of those bands you can´t call the kind of music it´s playing. Some say it´s an unique mixture of dark industrial and metal, for the others our music has avantgarde, experimental black metal roots. Last time someone told me the new songs are more into downtempo and trip-rock. I say I don´t care about the genres and names, but I agree with all of those people. Even if they say we play shit!

Are there other bands, from which you would say they had or have an influence on your music?

Yep. Krzysztof Penderecki, Aphex Twin and Pink Floyd.

Tell me, how did it come that StrommoussHeld suddenly and quite late joined the Hellhounds-tour of Tiamat?

Well... we didn´t plan to perform live until the brand-new album premiere later this year. We denied a lot of shows during the last three years not to play the old songs again and again. Two weeks before the Hellhounds Tour the local promoter asked me, if we could join the party, and I thought, it would be a great chance for StrommoussHeld to come back on stage right now. So we did it!

Do you plan more live-shows in the near future (lets say inside of the next 12 month), in Poland or in other countries, too?

Yeah. Right after the new album premiere we´ll play a kind of tour. Ten special shows in ten European cities. Be prepared for live visuals, opium scent at venue and of course really fuckin´ heavy songs to damage your brain for satan, hehe!

Will StrommoussHeld play them solo or together with other bands?

I still don´t know, but probably we´ll play some shows as a headliner and some as a support act. We´ll see.

Are there other bands, with which you would like to play concerts together?

I think, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein and The Rolling Stones!

Ok, hope somebody of them will read this ;-) Well, the last CD was published five years ago, a long time. You plan to publish a new CD this year. Tell me more about...

"No Direction Home" will be out this Fall. Yes, a few years since the last album release passed, but it´s all worth of waiting. We took the best from our past, added the new sounds, arrangements and production ideas and I´m sure this upcoming one is the most mature and the best we have ever done! Imagine mesmerizing and hypnotic vocals, pulsating drums and distorted bass lines, guitar riffs - C-tuned and heavy as a fuck and a lot of weird electronic sounds you have never heard before! It´s time for handsome Polish ones!

This question I have to ask: How about this rather strange bands name: StrommoussHeld?

This is a secret. There are some secrets inside our music, things to discover not to explain, so this you find in our name, too. Our name should be extraordinary, not easy, not easy music, not an easy name, but if you once got it, you will keep it in mind.

I read in myspace that You, Maels, works at a new project, called “Horisun”. What makes it different to the music of StrommoussHeld? Will their also be life-shows, CDs?

It´s not the metal one at all. Horisun´s roots lay somewhere between Pink Floyd, Massive Attack and Neurosis music. After we finish the StrommoussHeld´s "No Direction Home" album promotion I will pay more attention to the Horisun. For now you can check the project
right here: http://www. horisunband. eu

Please name the current line-up of the band (as it played during the Hellhounds Fest)

Martin el.Tha on bass guitars, Norrim on samplers and synths, Mr. Comankh also known as K-vass on backing vocals and VJ and the last but not least - me singing, playing guitars, samplers and synths. At the Hellhounds Tour gigs we performed with our long-time friend - Martin - one of the best rock`n´roll drummers from Poland I know!

How will look the future for your band, what´s your wish?

No. 1 on the Billboard charts, sold-out stadium gigs, 666 hot latina chicks on my sofa and a lot of cocaine right on my guitar neck. Rock´n´roll!


Author: Andreas Torneberg, photos StrommoussHeld
Date: 2009-02-27

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