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The Loyalties: No 80s revival, please!

Some bands you discover too late, and all the more beautiful it is when, on the other side within a very short time an excellent album after another is released and you can just buy beautiful music. The current album, ´So Much For Soho´ by THE LOYALTIES received good reviews not only from STALKER, so we contacted the band, namely guitarist/vocalist Rich to find out a bit more about the band.

First of all - as usual - I congratulate you on your album! „So Much For Soho“ has great potential and is full of varieties.
Well, alright! Thanks a lot.

It seems to me it is very important to you that music, lyrics, artwork, photographs etc represent a coherent whole...
Yeah, definitely. I think that the whole package needs to represent a style or a vision of our ideas. The artwork is as important to me as the music so I´m always really involved in it. I usually do it all myself but this time I handed it over to a good friend and great art guy, Dave Cherrykick. But I still took the photos and gave him a really specific idea of what I wanted and I think he did an awesome job!

How long have you used to the whole disc to produce?
I think it took us about a week to record and mix the whole thing. But I did some guitar overdubs at home as well. We did it in bits and pieces here and there when we could afford it. We recorded most of the album live off the floor and then just overdubbed vocals and some guitars. We really wanted to capture the live feel and energy of the band...

"My childhood is over“. For my terms it means just as much as "I´m dead“. You see the same?
Yeah, I think I know what you´re saying. I guess to do what we do as musicians you have to feel like you don´t want to grow up... otherwise we´d never want to leave the comfort of our jobs and homes to go out on the road

What inspires you when songwriting?
Generally it´s real life. There are a lot of different stories hidden away in the songs that we write. Living in London and spending a lot of time in Soho you get to meet a lot of interesting characters and see a lot of crazy things. The songs really come from that, from our life experiences.

Whose ideas are based on the lyrics or where you have the sources of inspiration in relation to?
Tom is generally responsible for all the lyrics. He often starts with an idea, an interesting way of looking at something and then he and I will work out the music together. Then we bring it into the band and turn it into a full song.

How is the internal structure of The LOYALTIES? Democracy or is there a band dictator?
It´s not a democracy or a dictatorship. I think that everyone just has different roles that they do well and we all take care of the things that we´re good at. Tom and I started the band and we write 99% of everything up until now. I generally look after the artwork, logos, and the management side of things. Craig takes care of the backline and logistics when we´re playing shows and Lee is there to beat people up who don´t want to pay us, hahaha.

Where will THE LOYALTIES develop in the future? Are there vague ideas?
Well we´re working on ideas for the next album already. I want it to be harder and faster than before! Still rock´n´roll but just dirtier and nastier. I´m so sick of all the hairstyle bands out there playing ballads for girls... it´s like the Sunset Strip of the 80s is happening all over again and I just don´t want anything to do with that.

Can you imagine someday as the old bags on the stage and to play Rock ´n´ Roll?
I think we already are the old bags on the stage! haha. We´ve all been around in a lot of different bands - The Black Halos, Deadline, The Yo-Yo´s - so I guess we´re relatively older than a lot of the bands that we play with. But it´s cool... it´s just proof that we´ve still got our hearts in it whether we´re 20 years old or 50 years old.

What were your funniest experiences live on stage?
I was playing a show once and a really excited kid in the front row was punching his fist in the air. I swung my head forward and he punched me right in the jaw! hahaha. It was pretty funny but I had a pretty sore jaw for about 2 weeks after!

Okay, thank you for the interview. Last words?
Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. We´re looking forward to getting back out on the road. See you in September!


Author: Markus Seibel, photos: The Loyalties
Date: 2009-03-05

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