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Stereo Junks! - No more bad karma

Stereo Junks! is like a dream-team from a super-hero movie, the magnificent five, or something. Each one is a vivid character on their own, charming and witty and wicked and... Well, very expressive. This band has gone through its share of trouble and survived it, even if at some point the band wasn’t even a band, as much as it was just session musicians and guest appearances. So now, when the Junks are complete, there is no stopping them anymore!

STALKER approves and recommends: regardless of your musical tastes, this is one act which won’t leave anyone indifferent.

How’s it going guys?
Mr Anzi Destruction very good...
(Charlie B laughs)
DeVille we just woke up...

Something exciting happened last night?
Chalie B just a nice sauna day, very relaxing... We didn’t do anything, we wanted to be ready for tonight.

You’re excited about the show?
Mr Anzi Trashfest is one of the best, Helsinki’s finest concerts here and we’re very happy to be a part of it. This is a shithole country, but good things happen occasionally, and this is it for us.

How can you say that about your own country?!
Mr Anzi why not?!
(everybody laughs)
Mr Anzi it’s a small country, small town, you get bored so easily... When you’re holidaying here, it’s different, but living here fulltime is suicidal.
Chalie B I can tell you that, I’m not from Finland.

Where are you from?
Chalie B I’m Spanish.

Ok... explain?
Chalie B: because life permits it!
(everybody laughs)
Chalie B actually I moved here a couple of years ago and met those guys, MySpace and all... It was a coincidence anyway, it happened we met in a bar...
Mr Anzi same as that guy [points at Sohei]
Sohei Murakami yeah, I’m from Japan...
Mr Anzi...Osaka baby! Moved all the way to play with Stereo Junks! Half a year ago... Actually we were trying one guy for the bass and then this guy [points at Sohei] was like: “I came to see the show, I want to be in your band!” and we thought, let’s try! And it was obvious straight away – he is our man!
(everybody agrees and laughs)

So how does it feel for you guys, you’re so far from home in this cold country, so different to your homeland...
Chalie B actually I’m here for some time now and you get used to it... Anyway, my case is different of course, Spain’s not far, but for him... [points at Sohei]
Chalie B I go back home every 2-3 months, and anyway, it’s been great here in Finland and I’m very happy that I found those guys, we have the band, same goals and views, it’s really awesome! We are sharing all those things that you dream about, when you want to have a band...
Sohei Murakami the same for me, it’s the same feeling, I’m happy in the band, with those guys and my life here.

So is this the final line-up then, as you’ve had some problems in the past...
Mr Anzi we had major problems before, definitely! From end of 2006 until last year we had like several different drummers and bass players and guitarists... We had guys from Private Line playing with us, from Bloodpit, from Hybrid Children and so on, it was just so hard to find the band members which would fit and be Stereo Junks’ good players. There are very many good players in Finland, but not many are good enough and stuff like that... It’s very hard.
Chalie B and what’s even more important is to find people with the right chemistry to fit in
Mr Anzi to be a professional player you have to look good, have the image, play good, but also have the chemistry, that “spark” with the rest of the band members. So those are the things we needed... Because you have to look at the same face... well, many times! But we didn’t play down, we weren’t just waiting to find the right players, we were straight forward: “you want to play with us that gig and this? Ok, let’s go!” So through trying and checking we put the band together.
Chalie B it was basically keeping the band alive until the right people came.
Mr Anzi and now it’s about half a year since we’re in that lineup.

And what are you now doing, what’s the next step?
Mr Anzi we are recording some demos, so we could put out some new music. During the summer time we’re making the new album. I really think we are the most unlucky band on the planet , it’s like we’ve already recorded one full album which never got released, and we have done lots of shit but it doesn’t show, so even though we’ve done the work and put a lot of effort in it, nobody knows. So this bad karma was with us before, but now it seems to be over, Stereo Junks are complete and doing well.

What will be on the new album, can you give us some preview?
Mr Anzi yeah yeah! Actually today we’ve released 3 news songs, and then there’s a cross-over remix of that hard-dance DJ Proteus, yeah he’s very famous and world’s best hard-dance DJ, and there’re those 3 new songs and they give a good feel of the new album. We’ll play them tonight also.
Chalie B also tonight we’re playing 2 other new songs which no one has ever heard before, so we’ve been working on them in this new lineup, until now.

So tonight is your big premiere then!
Chalie B actually tonight people will finally see what Stereo Junks are, as the band was meant to be. Tonight our charisma will fully show!

What do you think about when on stage?
Mr Anzi about the song and how it goes...
DeVilleI’m thinking if I have something in my fridge at home
(all laugh)
DeVilleactually I don’t think so much anyway, on or off stage...
(all laugh even more)
Chalie B being on stage is such a huge emotional thing, every single second of it, that it’s hard to even think straight... “did I do laundry? What’s on the shopping list? Did I take the garbage out? Oh shit...”
Mr Anzi often you don’t even remember what happened on stage.
DeVilleit goes by so fast!!
Chalie B there’s so much adrenaline at those moments... I remember the occasion, but I don’t remember what song was what or what happened exactly when...
Mr Anzi you know, being on stage is the most amazing feeling and every moment of it is precious. I don’t want to ruin any of it by being drunk, or taking drugs or anything like this. I want to feel and experience every second of it all with my full power and energy.

Do you play any practical jokes, ever?
Chalie B we still need some more confidence for that...
Mr Anzi last time was funny, as I spit fire on stage... And there was some gasoline on the floor right before the show...
Chalie B we want to be a respectable band, for what we do. If I’m at some concert or a show and I don’t like what the band is doing, I still let them be, because it’s their moment, it’s their thing and I have no right to intervene. And the most horrible thing, the most offensive thing ever is when someone is trying to ruin that moment. I get very angry at that, this is not funny. Artists should all be respected, no matter what they do.

Do you mind if Stereo Junks! are sometimes called a “boy-band”?
Chalie B we don’t give a shit!
Mr Anzi yeah, we are boys, aren’t we?! Who cares what they call us, if our shows are great and it’s fun for us? It’s also annoying to only read good things about you...
DeVille Yeah! I want to read when people say “this is a shit band” and stuff like that...
Mr Anzi we’re boys and each one has something: this a bodybuilder guy, this is a shy guy...

Like Sporty Spice, Posh Spice, Baby...
(all laugh)
Mr Anzi exactly! Sporty Junk [points at Charlie B], Oily Junk, Sexy Junk, Shy Junk [points at Sohei] because he doesn’t say anything, only “yes-yes” all the time...
Sohei yes.
(all laugh)
Mr Anzi so yeah, we have this boyband thing going on!
(Mr Anzi’s phone starts to ring...)
Mr Anzi sorry, sound-checker called...

Ok, then we’re done I guess...
Mr Anzi but I am not!!!
(all laugh)
Mr Anzi this is a very special moment we’re having here...

Oh, how touching!
(all laugh)

Allright then, going back to those deadly sins: do you think something should be added to that list?
Mr Anzi and Charlie B bad love!
DeVille I think we are, as a band, are sinners in everything, except envy and lazy. All other sins we do and we have, of course...
Chalie B who can say what a sin is, anyway? It’s kind of hypocritical, those guys in Vaticaan... That way our whole life is one total sin.

What do you think is a meaning of life after all?
Ronnie Loco s-e-x!!
(all laugh)
Chalie B be a good person and cross your paths with other good people, so you can give something good and positive to the world. We only live once and you should enjoy it, do what you want to do in your own way, not listen to anyone else, but yourself.
Mr Anzi I think this meaning is to do something, to create something from all this nothingness.
Chalie B pursue happiness, basically. Having this band is a good exercise for it, it’s like a therapy and we need that. This and is something we created, it’s ours and no one can take it, no one can tell us how it should be.
Mr Anzi this music thing is funny... There are so many emotions in it, so much feelings... It can heal you or destroy at the same time. And at the same time, this is pure business, all around it. I know it’s such a cheap thing to say and I hate it, but it’s true. This band is fun and it means something for us, not just the money, profit, sales and stuff like that.


Author: Marina Sidyakina, transl. S. Mahrer, photos: Julia Sheremetyeva
Date: 2009-04-20

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