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White Skull: True Heavy Metal!

From album to album WHITE SKULL prove an increase in quality and show anew each time that the classic Heavy Metal is not dead, but on the contrary enjoys excellent health on the most recent output “Forever Fight”. This is also the first album with new compositions since the singer was changed, now finally finished, mixed and released. Given the class of the new songs of those likeable Italians, it´s reason enough to elicit more information from Elisa De Palma and Tony Fonto, about the new album and other things.

Hi! Please give for our readers a brief outline of the White Skull history.
Elisa: hello! WS’s story is very long and many line up changes have come through. Btw the band has always risen again and it has always taken the good from every change. After years, the soul of the band is still alive.. we could say: never been so alive like now!! :)

Where did you record the new CD, how long did it take, what did you enjoy the full cost and is there anything amusing about your visit to the studio to report?
Elisa: we recorded in the Remasters Studio where Tony was working. We went there in the last summer, when all around was warm and sunny.. and we were living in the underground for days!! Btw it’s been a great experience and the band linked to get some more. It took about one month and something more, to record it all. Then another month for the mixing and mastering.

Were there already resonances for "Forever Fight" by critics and magazines, and how were those?
Elisa: the magazines have reacted very well to the new album and quite all the reviews are nice to us.

The new album has a much more modern touch. Was that also caused by the change of the singer?
Tony: when Elisa get in the line-up we started to work about the band sound, we were looking for a good sound for her voice. The sound is a little bit modern than in the past, but is heavy sound.

And how have you encountered Elisa?
Tony: We knew Elisa, but we didn’t know that she were a singer, we knew Elisa like a guitar player. When we looking for a singer, Danilo asked Elisa if she knew some singer, and she sad I am a singer! She took part in the selection process, there were 28 singers, but Elisa was the best one.

Have you even more time then for the compositions?
Tony: we take the time that we need. This year the time to compose the song I think was the same, we spent more time than in the past for the pre-production, is really important.

Are you convinced that ultimately quality will always prevail? Or do you think that in the future for bands that can not adapt to mass taste, it´s more difficult?
Elisa: it’s always been like that: when you play something that’s „outside“ the mass, you cannot expect that the mass comes to you! We could have decided to play some kind of gothic metal, like Epica for example: that’s where the mass goes in this period. But we are not that kind of band!! We believe in our true heavy metal and we’ll keep walking this dusty street!

Okay, we slowly come to the end ... what were the last three albums that you´ve bought or have particularly impressed you?
Elisa: I have to admit.. it’s a long time I don’t buy or get impressed from a new album!! I keep on listening to my old collection of CDs and they seem to me ever-green!

If you still like to add something we haven´t asked, please do it here:
Tony: no, no more questions. I want say hello e thanx to you and to all our fans. See ya’ on the road!


Author: Markus Seibel, photos: White Skull
Date: 2009-04-30

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