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God Dethroned: „Death or be Deathed“

It´s amazing! As major band and identification figure Henry Sattler announced barely a few years ago he wants to quit with GOD DETHRONED after the next studio album, but suddenly everything turned for the better for the Dutch band. With the great "Passiondale" CD and a new line-up the band is now back to the top in the melodic death metal sector - so a good reason to go for an interview with the eccentric frontman.

„Passiondale" is the title of your new CD. How do you see this release and how would you describe the songs?
Passiondale is our 8th album and brought us back to our old sound which we had on albums like Grand Grimoire and Bloody Blasphemy. Mainly because I wrote the songs in that direction again, but also because of the return of old time drummer Roel Sanders and keyboardist Danny Servaes.

The songs are definitely harder in the totality of what has surprised me. I actually expected that it will be somewhat softer, as this is usually a factor that rises sales figures.
No, we wanted to make a totally brutal album again. Toxic Touch was an album where we experimented with more melodies and stuff, but Passiondale was definitely going to be a lot more extreme!

Are the lyrics important to you?
The lyrics are of course always important to me. They need to tell a story and I want to do it right. When it doesn’t make sense then what’s the point of writing them?

What are your lyrics about? Unfortunately I have a promo-only CD without the texts and therefore those are difficult to understand.
The lyrics of Passiondale are a concept story about World War One. Written from a neutral point of view though.

How to coordinate job and tour life? We´re not in America, where jobs can be found quickly to keep above water.
Yes of course, jobs can be found easily. You just have to be flexible and wanting to work hard and not complain about traveling. I do it like this for many years already.

But it remains only a dream to live of making music, right?
No, we manage to live of the music, but only when we tour on a constant basis. That’s not always possible, so there are regular jobs as well.
This is Death Metal, you know, and not pop music.

You´re soon back at the Summer Breeze festival. It is interesting to see that you will get a better billing slot this year.
Yup, we’re glad to be back on the Summer Breeze billing this year. It’s a great festival with a great atmosphere. Really looking forward to it !

"Passiondale“ is a very versatile album, on one hand it uses elements from many different styles such as black, trash or death metal, on the other hand, the styles also differ among the songs. It seems very important for you to listen to different styles and to cross music "borders". What is your personal musical taste?
Yes, we try to make every God Dethroned album as interesting and diverse as possible. It keeps it interesting for the listener and keeps a certain challenge for us. My own musical taste varies a lot from extreme Black and Death Metal bands like Emperor, Bolt Thrower and Hypocrisy to more rock and progressive oriented bands like Pink Floyd, Smashing Pumpkins and Golden Earring.

What´s going on with you now? What happens after the CD release?
Touring a lot ! Yay !

Well, I hope the CD receives a good response, because good thrash band are needed!
„Death or be Deathed“ Prost! Cheers!

Author: Markus Seibel, photos: God Dethroned
Date: 2009-05-21

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