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Powerwolf: Famous at ADAC Driving Center

A new album that also impressed the STALKER reviewer (see review here ) and also entered the German album charts is perhaps reason enough to ask the Powerwolf guys - Attila Dorn, voc, Charles Greywolf, bass, Falk Maria Schlegel, keys, Stefane Funebre, drums, Matthew Greywolf, git - to answer a few questions, which were answered by the last-mentioned wolf in the pack.

How was ``Bible of the Beast`` created?
``Bible of the Beast`` was written in three months of very hard work. Originally we wanted to have a short break after all the touring for ``Lupus Die``, but we decided on the trip back from Wacken Open Air to begin with the songwriting right the next day. We wanted to capture our live sound because it is allways heavier, more lively and more powerful. And that was the feeling we wanted for our new songs. Well, if you listen to ``Bible…``, you will recognize this power, haha.
So we had been writing new tracks for three months. In November 2008 we entered the studio. This time we were recording in different studios, all in all four. Finaly we went to Fredrik Nordström in Gotenburg to do the final mix.

Compared to ``Lupus Dei`` and ``Return in Bloodred``, your new album is much more bombastic, aggressive and heavy.
Well, the heaviness was actually achieved by the way we recorded the album. And we have also made the experience, that we like to play our harder songs live. So why not writing more hard songs for the new record?
The orchestral direction was not planned. It just developed during the recordings. When the first songs we written and the title of the album was found, we thought that a more sacral facing would fit to this. So the following songs went more into this direction. When we got the permission to do recordings with the choir of a music college in Saarbrücken (Germany), our songwriting was influenced and we integrated more choir passages. We also worked with choirs on ``Lupus Dei``, but the idea came after all songwriting was done. So we were only able to put the choir on the final versions of the songs. This time we knew early that we could work with an excellent choir, so we had that in mind when we were writing the songs. In addition, we used a real church organ, which also gave a special sacral feeling to the songs.

What expectations do you have concerning ``Bible..`` and your career?
Well, our expectations have already been fulfilled. Our fans seem to like the album, so that we entered the German charts at position 76. Also the press reviews are fantastic. Some of them are a bit controversial, but that`s what we hoped for. ``Bible...`` is a very consequent album, no compromisses! So it is naturally that you love it or even hate it. This is excellent because it shows that the people listen to it and think about it. Nothing is worse than being called ``quite okay`` by everyone.

The topic of horror is the basis of your lyrics. In how far are those lyrics myths and legends and where do you have non-fictional topics?
Well, it is sometimes hard to draw a line between myths on the one hand and non-fictional topics on the other hand. The 2nd verse of `Midnight Messiah` deals for example with the Kanaan wedding, when Jesus made wine out of water. Is it a myth? Is it reality? You see, especially religious topics are difficult to estimate.

You played your last tour together with Brainstorm. What were your experiences?
Well, this tour was a very successful one, which showed us how many Wolf fans are out there. It makes us really proud and it was really amazing to meet all these guys every night!
In an other way, this tour was very interesting concerning our tour bus. Falk (organ) and our light tech bought an old caravan from the 70s. It was quite cool, but we had unlucky engine breakdowns. So we often arrived at the venue right before the show. Often with burning tires... Now many guys from the German ADAC (Driving Center, breakdown service) know a band named Powerwolf...

How would your describe the sound of Powerwolf to someone else?
Dark, melodic Heavy Metal which much atmosphere.

What can we expect in the near future?
We will play some festivals this summer, for example Bang Your Head and Summerbreeze. And we are thinking about a tour. But there are no details yet. But be sure: The Wolf will definately invite you to a mass!!!


Author: Timo Päßler; photos: Metalblade/Powerwolf
Date: 2009-06-21

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