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RAY WILSON: Different degrees of passion

Ray Wilson is of course one of the most continuous hard rock musicians in Great Britain. Up to now his albums have been always great records of high quality, therefore the new album “Propaganda Man” created an even more poignant impression of stagnation. Reason enough for STALKER to interview the blond guitarist!

Hi Ray. Where are you right now?
In Poznan, in my apartment here.

What can you tell about your new studio album, "Propaganda Man"?
It is an album that I started writing 2 years ago, apart from the song, BLESS ME, which was written during the recording of the Stiltskin CD, SHE, in 2006. I write about important elements of life, like peace, patience, love, anger, regret, etc. During the writing process, my marriage ended and I moved from Scotland to Poland, where I now live. My life completely changed and this is reflected in the music.

Do you have very specific goals in your life that you absolutely want to achieve?
Yes. My ambition, after Genesis, was to create a career that had balance and to gradually build my audience, slowly. I had a roller coaster career in the 90’s and I wanted to change this. My main focus, in life, is to be peaceful and enjoy every day. I feel totally blessed, that I am still able to do my music and play so many concerts every year. I have a lot of loyal fans and I try very hard to do a good job for them.

When you began to rock n roll – how far back did you go, if you think of rock music?
Well the 70’s was the most influential decade for me, musically, even though I spent my teenage years in the 80’s. Artists like Bowie, Dylan, and Springsteen were my main influences. Nowadays I listen to bands like Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Leonard Cohen, Ryan Adams.

Could you imagine any other to make music than Rock?
Rock music is embedded in my soul. I love acoustic singer/songwriter artists also.
So, not really.

The relationship between the individual and society seems always to be your core concept ...
Yes. I find life and how we deal with life, to be very inspiring. I try to be very honest with my writing and say things as they are. I am not a private person, in this regard. I always hope that some listeners can get some comfort from that fact.

What do you think is better to write first, the lyrics or the music?
For me there is no rule. Sometimes music and sometimes lyrics. It is true to say that writing lyrics is easier, when the music is inspiring, in the first place.

Is it important to you when you make music, that clear images are created in the mind of the listener?
But I do think it is important to create images in the mind of the listener and also to make people think about what is said and hopefully invoke a reaction.

Are there any lyrics you poured your heart in?
Yes, very often. I guess that writing about personal experience will always bring out a different degree of passion.

Who have you always wanted to meet?
I would like to have met someone like Ghandi, or meet Nelson Mandela. Basically people who have fought for what they believe in and won.

Music and the Internet?
A partnership made in heaven. Anything that gets more music to more people, gets my vote.

Which person would you be happy to have in your life and why?
I basically like positive people in my life. People who want to make something of life, whether in a career or with family.

Okay, thank you for the interview. Last words?
Thank you for your support.

Ray Wilson´s website: http://www.raywilson.net

Author: Markus Seibel, photos: Ray Wilson
Date: 2009-06-30

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