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bibleblack: Dark, unpredictable and honest!

Short and simple– funnily those are not the words you would use to describe “Black Swan Epilogue”, the debut album from bibleblack, but that´s how guitarist Mike Wead, legendary member of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond and singer Kacper Rozanski answer STALKERs questions. And you don´t necessarily need to talk about music that much but listen to it. In this spirit have fun with the new “Metal Force from Sweden”.

bibleblack´s debut album “The Black Swan Epilogue” was just released. What´s the idea behind forming this band?
Mike Wead - It turned out that I had a lot of songs laying around and thought that it would have been very nice to put together a band able to perform the songs the way they were composed. They didn´t really work well in any of my side projects I have outside of King Diamond. Therefore the thought of bibleblack got planted in my head.

The release was a bit delayed, what was the reason for that?
MW - The reason for the delay was due to manufacturing issues at the pressing plant.

Naming the debut album of a band “epilogue” seems weird. Will there be prequels then like with the Star Wars movies?
Kacper Rozanski - No, there will be no prequels. The Black Swan Epilogue is a standalone album and the last song became the title track.

One finds clerical topics all over - in band name and lyrics, what´s your inspiration? What do you want to express/ criticize, maybe?
KR - The lyrics on this album portray the dark and mystical aspects of human existence. Since that domain is mainly dominated by the clergy, it seemed natural to use their language.

How much do the other band members have their say in songwriting?
MW - Well, I composed 99% of all the music and Kacper wrote most of the lyrics, but nevertheless every band members opinion is valid when it comes to the arrangements of the songs.

There are many guest singers on the album, how did the collaborations come about?
MW - They were handpicked for their vocal styles and were invited by the band to sing in specific parts of the songs.

How would you describe your music in three adjectives?
KR - Dark, unpredictable and honest!

A video for the song “Bleed” was shot, tell us a bit about the shooting. Where did you film, what´s the story?
MW - It was shot on location outside of Stockholm, Sweden by Owe Lingvall and Village Road Film. We shot it during two whole days just before X-mas 2008.

Are there any plans to bring the songs to the road?
KR - Hell yeah! Our management, SSG Finland is working hard right now to put us out on the roads.

You were called “Sweden´s new metal force”, can you agree?
MW - There are many great bands in Sweden which means a great deal of competition but we´re confident we can find our own dark place on the metal map of the world.

Coming back to the band name bibleblack, there seems to be an anime called “bible black”, any relations to that?
MW - No, none what so ever, I´m not at all into animated porn.
KR - We didn´t know about the anime with that name. Our idea was that "bibleblack" is an adjective describing a shade of black.

Mike, is the band for you merely a side-project or how far do you want to take it?
MW - I consider bibleblack a true band in every sense of the word and not a side project at all.

If you could put together your “dream band”, who would be in it?
MW - It´s very hard to say...every different style of music requires a different kind of musician...but I do miss playing together with some of my old friends in Mercyful Fate.

What does the future hold for bibleblack?
We hope to get out on the road asap to support our debut album and we´re beginning to record our sophomore album winter of 2009.

Author: Kathleen Gransalke, photos: P.Hellström, Alutoine / Seance
Date: 2009-07-10

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