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Lord of the Lost: Gothrock lives!

A new upcoming star in the Gothic scene - Lord of the Lost from Hamburg, Germany. Singer Chris has made some impact on that scene already, being a member of successful act The Pleasures. With LOTL he realizes his childhood dream. The debut album is scheduled for 2010 (via Out Of Line Label) but nevertheless we asked Chris „The Lord“ Harms – Vocals, Guitar and Sebsta – Guitar to introduce the band.

Hello how are you?
Chris Quite fine. It is just after midnight...
Sebsta ...it´s way too warm...
Chris ...yes, and we have some beer in my flat in St. Pauli and write songs for our second album. The one we are currently working on has the working title „Learn To Swallow“, which we presumably have to change as the subtle social criticism there would be definitely misunderstood as plain profanity...

Tell us a bit about Lord of the Lost, who are you and how did the band project develop?
Chris I try to explain shortly: some years ago a couple of songs just appeared that needed to come out. Soon I realized that it only works out with a band, therefore I got together with some friends in order to revive Gothrock.

What are your musical backgrounds? Have you been in other bands before or are you still? Is Lord of the Lost something like a side project for you, or the main band?
Chris Some years ago I have been the co-founder of The Pleasures, and I still play in this band. My musical roots, however, are found in the dark music scene, in that sense I realized a childhood dream with Lord Of The Lost. It is difficult to work out the priorities here, but my heart is definitely with this band.
Sebsta My musical roots are - or better were - in the Hip Hop scene, as a DJ, but that´s a couple of years ago, and after I felt really disappointed about that scene I just do now what I always wanted to do - playing guitar.

How did Any get to play the drums? This is still a field dominated by men!
Chris Honestly, I have no idea why Any began to learn playing the drums. I think her first instrument was accordion.. but when you see her drumming you realise why she picked up playing that instrument! And not accordion...


Chris, I know that you have been part of other bands and are still working in other bands. On your website you mention that you want to realize your own visions with this band. Does that mean that you wrote all the songs?
Chris At least all the lyrics. Musically I also wrote most of the songs of the first album, as in the beginnint I made it all myself and just for myself. When working on the album I cooperated with some people in the band, we wrote some songs together, and in Sebasta I found a capable partner in songwriting. Some songs on the album are 100% written by him.

Where does you inspiration for the lyrics come from? Are your texts based on your personal life or just on fantasy?
Chris That is so difficult to separate. The lyrica are like an emotional diary of my memories. I can hardly distinguish between real memories and fantasies, and I really like to write in metaphors. I definitely felt everything I am singing about in an intense way, but perhaps I have not quite lived through it in the same way. Your soul cannot die as often as I describe it in my songs. Music is for me like photography. A beautiful photo is already being manipulated in the process of making, by light exposure, lens and camera objective, in order to create a certain feeling, and of course you can process photos afterwards. And something like this happens when I am writing songs.

Your album will be released in early 2010, so do you have a title already? What can we expect from this album?
Sebsta We had a title already but this one doesn´t seem to fit any more. We are in the middle of creating a new title that will describe the whole product in the right manner. Just be surprised.
Chris That is not easy. We have put so much love and intensity into this album. Finding a name for it is like somebody asked to describe your whole life with a single word. And as far as your other question is concerned, the album is something between Gothic, Metal and Alternative, very emotional and melancholic and still powerful and catchy.

How did this album develop, where did you record it?
Chris We have recorded in various studios, depending on the instruments and which studio appeared suitable.

Why, in your opinion, should people buy your album?
Chris I buy an album when the music captures me emotionally. This should also be the reason for buying our album, when people feel like that about it.


Which bands influenced your music and lyrics? Do you have idols?
Chris None, when lyrics are concerned. There are many influences concerning music. What we enjoy listening to is Johnny Cash, Sisters of Mercy...
Sebsta ...Deathstars, Serj Tankian...
Chris ...Rammstein, Nick Cave, Type O Negative...
Sebsta ...ASP, Depeche Mode, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine...
Chris ...Soilwork and .... should I by really honest? Roxette. I don´t have any idols noways, but as a teenager I had many... ,

How did you get to cooperate with Mama Trash (who does the booking in the USA)?
Chris Mama Trash loves our music. And I believe in Mama Trash.

What are your goals with Lord of the Lost?
Sebsta The same goal every band has, world domination ;-)
Chris And the opportunity to continue with it as long as possible...

Where can you be seen live in the near future? What are your plans for the rest of this year?
Chris We don´t want to start it off too quickly. We just signed with Out Of Line and we are about to get going. There will be some concerts this year and next year with the album release there will be much more...

Some last words for Stalker readers?
Chris Tattoos on tits are ugly.
Sebsta Exactly.

Yeah well - so how about your tattoos on your chests? A question of taste probably... still... many thanks for the interview and good luck with the debut album!


Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber, photos: Lord Of The Lost
Date: 2009-07-31

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