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Eigensinn – A Certain Streak of Drama

With their debut album „Die Wahrheit“ [The Truth] Eigensinn convinced the toughest reviewers that they have a lot to offer. Not only rock songs but also an extraordinary singer with a vocal range that greatly reminds of one Nina Hagen. We didn´t want to withhold this band from you and so Eigensinn will introduce themselves to you now…

Hello, how are you?
Awesome! We are very excited, cause we´re just about to go on a mini tour for three days from Cologne via Recklinhausen to the South, to Aalen.

Who is Eigensinn?
EIGENSINN are Nemesis, the heraldess of our messages, Hol²y on the middles, Pat Mc Bazz on the lows and Maschine! gives the impulses.

Could you tell us a bit about the band history? How long are you already around and how did you meet in the first place?
With this line up EIGENSINN are around since 2005. Nemesis und Hol²y met at another project and realised that they are on the same wavelength. 2002 Maschine! joined, back then we still wrote our lyrics in English and were a bit more soft. In 2003 we changed our name. 2005 Pat Mac Bazz joined and we all rocked happily ever after…


How did you come up with the idea to make this kind of music and to sing in German?
Hmmm, this wasn´t just an idea but it developed over time. We started with English lyrics and were a lot more pop in the beginning. When we recorded our first demo in 2003, we had our first German song on the record, “Tränen aus Blut” [Tears from Blood]. And this song was simply the most intense and really stood out from the rest. This was the initial spark to say: Let´s go on in German!

What were the most important musical influences for the band?
Our influences are on one side surely in the genre „Neue Deutsche Härte“, e.g. Oomph, Rammstein etc but on the other side we all grew up in the 80s. This always had an influence on us when we were writing. After six years with the band we have finally developed our own style.

Your album „Die Wahrheit“ came out not long ago, are you satisfied with the feedback so far?
We are very satisfied with the reactions. It´s amazing how people and reviewers interpret our songs and deal with the subjects. Almost all the reactions are positive. We are very happy about that because it means that all the work was worth it. Some reviews were published on our mypspace. Statements like “the most remarkable debut in German language for a long time” from the Break Out Magazin make us, of course, very proud!


Can you tell us a bit about the production of the album? Where did you record?
The album was recorded in the Tone Temple Studios near Stuttgart, Germany. There we came up with and fine-tuned the sound pattern with our producer Jens-Peter Abele. It was a long and intensive process but the end result convinced everyone.

Your songs are about topics from everyday life, who is responsible for writing the songs and the lyrics?
That´s our singing Goddess Nemesis. Se tries to put her emotions into words. Suggestions for lyrics like for example in “Überlicht” also come from Hol²y. Besides autobiographic events, we also have socio-critical topics like war, torture or the abysmal depths of the human soul, like in “Schrei und Macht”

Nemesis, we would like to know who your musical idols are? In the booklet of your album you thank Nina Hagen, am I right when I say that she has influenced your way of singing?
You read very thoroughly. Probably yes because as a fan of the 80s there´s no way to avoid Nina Hagen ;) I like her eccentric way, I think we are soul mates, this also mirrors in our voices, a certain streak of drama ;).


How did everyone of you come to music?
Maschine!: I was infected with rock music by my older brother. He listened to Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stone and stuff like that. And then I saw a concert by Queen on TV. After that I built myself a drum kit out of Persil boxes and slowly started to make music.

PatMcBazz: My first contact with music was very traditionally in the music class in school. In 7th grade we didn´t do classical music or dance anymore but suddenly it was like: What do you want to play? And after everyone had their instruments there was only the awesome xylophone left for me. Because I didn´t know what to do with it, me and a friend started to learn guitar – also because we were totally fascinated by a local cover band back then – that´s how we wanted to rock, too! And one thing led to another and finally I ended up with the bass. Or the bass ended up with me? I can´t remember anymore…

Hol²y: I was converted by Jimi Hendrix himself when I saw him live with “The Watchtower”. I´d never seen anything that insane, it really blew me away! That moment I knew that I wanted to play guitar.

Nemesis: I´m from a musical family. In Romania music belongs to everyday life and to every celebration. When I was 12 years old a sales representative knocked on our door and asked if I had just sung? That was great! He had heard me through the door. I almost sank into the ground. Actually my music teacher recommended to me to take singing lesson. With 15 years I started to take classical singing lessons. After 1-2 years and especially after I heard the first rock bands I knew that I didn´t want to go music school but I wanted to make rock music in a band!


You are granted a wish, what would you wish for?
Speaking as a band, surely we´d wish for a long tour with a popular band like Rammstein! And getting sponsors.

What are your plans for this year?
Show, shows, shows and even more shows. Immortal Promotion, our booking agency, provides us with a lot of work. In fall we are definitely planning a tour and we´re already looking forward to it!

Are there bands you would like to go on tour with?
Of course there are the usual suspects, like I already mentioned Rammstein would absolutely be our dream! We would also like to rock together with Oomph, Megaherz or Subway to Sally. There´s on request with Down Below at the moment.

Do you have some last words for the STALKER readers?
If you like hand-made, authentic rock music then buy our CD ;) It´s available in all online portals and also in shops. We have some songs from the new album also on myspace. We are really happy about every visit and comment on www.myspace.com/eigensinnlive. If you want a personal dedication come to on of our shows.

Thanks and good luck!

Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke, photos: Eigensinn
Date: 2009-08-03

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