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WAY TO END: Journey to madness

The next big thing? Letīs see, but the beginning has definitely been made for the French band WAY TO END, namely Hazard - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Rust - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Hzxllprkwx - Bass, Backing Vocals, Decay - Drums, Vocals A strong debut albumīDesecrated Internal Journeyī, powerful live presence and not to forget: An interview with STALKER!

Hello guys. First of all, congratulations on your new album. How are you satisfied with the feedback from the press and the fans up to now?
The album has not been released yet, so we donīt have any feedback from the fans. We donīt even know if we have fans... We have read several reviews from magazines and webzines and most of them are good, despite some who did not get the point of this album. Actually, we didnīt expect to have so many good reviews since the album requires several listening sessions, due to the complex structures.
Is the songwriting process a one-man show, or are all band members involved?
The composition is handled by Hazard who writes everything but the drums parts. The critical points are discussed between the members during the rehearsals. It has been like this since the beginning and it works pretty well so there is no reason to change.
What are the listeners supposed to feel? Should they feel strong and powerful, or more anger and aggression?
I donīt know what the listener is supposed to feel. I can only tell you what we have put in the album. Desecrated internal journey is a musical description of an introspection. During this journey, a lot of emotions arise, the main ones being madness considered here as knowing you are getting different with each step, disillusion because the answers you get are not the ones you expected and pain as you still go forward. If this album brings the listener to this deconstruction of the ego, then he is already on the edge of a desecrated internal journey.
The following bands seem to have a significant influence on you, please describe how you stand with them.
Angmar: They do very good atmospherical black metal and completely different from what we do. I have had a lot of conversations with Hemreich about our personal visions of music in general and we donīt have the same approach at all. That was the reason that made our conversations so interesting.
Hyadningar: They are good friends of ours too. We have done several gigs together and their music is very rich, filled with contrapunctic structures that give them this unique feeling.
Annthennath: Our album has been recorded a Echoes Studio, the studio from Iconoclast who did a very good job in recording and mixing the tracks. Concerning the band, they have found the perfect sound for their music, which makes it very violent.
Are you Way-To-End guys still active in other bands?
Decay is the only one having another project, Tetchiot Krov, a death metal band where he handles the voices. In general we donīt have enough time to be fully active in other bands. Way to End is very demanding in terms of work, the songs require a good technique and we all sing as well. All the songs are different and require a different way of playing. For instance, we are currently working on new material where the nuances are very important. This aspect has not been considered in Desecrated Internal journey.
What are your shows like? Blood, sweat and tears, or morbid, bizarre videos in the background?
We try to rebuild in concert the atmosphere of the album which I have described above. It is a real challenge since most people in the audience do not know our music and donīt expect such complex music. We donīt use any special visual effect, we are just the medium between the music and the audience. This could be subject to change in the future, but until now we have not found anything satisfactory.
In France, it seems to boil at the moment, some new bands currently come out with really good albums, including you. Is that a coincidence, or has indeed this small scene so many talents?
I think the reason is to be found in the french cultural background. In the last centuries, a lot of new approaches in art have been created in France. It is somehow natural to take your own path without looking at what the others do. This is the case with black metal. What you call the french scene is a collection of individuals who donīt know and donīt care about each other.

Author: Markus Seibel, transl. Fabio Sgarlato, photos: WTE
Date: 2009-11-17

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