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Amoral: Out for new experiences

AMORALs first blow „Wound Creations“ hit the bull´s eye. With their second outing “Decrowning” the guys set exactly that perfectly to music. “Reptile Ride” followed up and now another clenched fist comes straight to the face of every death metal fan – “Show your Colors” is the new album of the Finns who nowadays sound a lot more American! Guitarist Ben Varon volunteered to report on the latest developments…

Does this album seem like the one before or is there a big difference in your eyes?
It´s kind of a different style compared to what we´ve done before, with a new singer, there are less growling parts, it became more melodic now. But you can hear in the music that there are still the same guys playing. Since our singer decided to leave we´ve chosen one who can also sing and not just scream. This enables us to be more melodic.

How´s the feedback after changing to this new style?
Well, some of our fans aren´t satisfied with the fact that we became more melodic and they maybe turn away. But we lose some and we win some and so we look forward towards the future. It´s what we actually want to do, and without alternations we can´t make experiences.

How did you come to the decision to go for this a new style?
We didn´t decide it from one day to another, in our rehearsals we recognized that we don´t want to keep one direction for all the times, so we just played and played and you can say that it was a natural process that led us to this decision.

Do you know which direction the next album will have?
I guess our next album will be a bit heavier than this one, but that´s all I can say so far, further details will show up when it goes to the writing part. We don´t have any plans which say how it has to sound, it goes as it goes. You gotta keep trying to do new things, otherwise it gets boring. No one wants to buy the same music twice if you know what I mean.

What about the last albums?
They were always what we wanted to play at that time, we had the time with more technical stuff and so on. We never played things because someone wanted us to do so.

Can you imagine to get back to the old style?
I don´t have the intention to get totally back to our first chapter, technical death metal, but for sure there will be some elements of it in our present and future music. For example we might do some screaming and growling vocal parts in the future or implement some death metal drum parts in it.

Back to the singer, what do you expect from him?
With our new singer we can vary between low and high pitches, also when it comes to singing, screaming and growling he makes a pretty good job and gives us the variety we need for our next steps in doing music.

What if you weren´t a musician?
I can´t imagine to do anything else, and that´s what I hope to be able to do for a very long time.

What do you expect from this evening?
I hope that it´s going to be a pretty good show this evening, it´s already sold out and the last one in Germany.

Any plans for next year?
We´re going to write some stuff for the new album and see what will come out, we already have some ideas and structures we want to bring in but no idea what it will sound like.

Author: Markus Seibel, transl. Fabio Sgarlato, photos: Amoral
Date: 2010-01-08

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