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The Haunted – perverse, introvert and dark future

Without question, the Swedish trash metal band The Haunted belongs to one of the leading groups in their league. With their current and fourth record „rEVOLVEr“ published last year original singer Peter Dolving, who had already been on the microphone on their 98er debut „The Haunted“, has returned. It is him who met with the STALKER for an interview.

Your latest record “rEVOLVEr” came out in October 2004. Are there already new songs?
No, but we have some abstract songs and a few with very small musical ideas. I think it is going to be a quite perverse album. The latest one is more kind of a looking-out-album like looking at the world around us. I think the next time it is going to be very introvert as far as the lyrics are concerned. The record will be a little bit darker. Not to scare people away but I think we manage to keep that.

You’ve been playing almost all over the world. How do you combine that with your family? Do you take them with you?
Yes, but not all the time, just when the distances are short. My daughter Ronja loves it, she is four years old. My youngest boy Robin has not been out with us yet, he is too young

What is your biggest fear when it is about yourself?
Loosing the ability to use my body. I do not think it would stop me from being creative. I am sure I could find a way. I really enjoy having legs and arms and I think it is a blessing. Dancing is fun, running is fun. Making love is good - it is wonderful. Moving is a great thing and I really enjoy it so much. I enjoy being able to express myself with my body. I am alive - I feel alive. The fear regarding the band would be that people can not understand anymore what we do. That would be the most terrible thing.

With Jonas and Anders Björler you have twins in the band. Does that somehow influence the relationship between all of you?
Basically, we are like five brothers and take care of each other. And we’re very different. Of course, we have the twins – twins are the twins, they are like one person. They always fight but they love each other. They do not fight because of women but just because they are twins. One guy plays something wrong and the other one wants to kick him. They are very funny. But at the same time they support each other. If someone gives any of them a hard time, the other one will be there. The rest of us do not fight – at least not on tour. We do that when we are at home in the studio and work on songs. But it is all in a very lovely way. We do not have a leader. For some reason we are like five fingers of a hand. We complete each other and work as a unit.

We now had the twins – and what are the other one’s personalities like?
I’m the one who is almost all the time in a good mood. Our drummer Per is like my darker head. He is always complaining and looks at things in a little grumpy way but he is a really, really good and nice guy, really easy-going. Then we have our guitar player Jensen who is more like the metal brother. He is the big brother for the band.

Imagine there would be a Ginny when you open a bottle and she would say: “Ok, you have one wish. You can wish whatever you want.” What would you answer?
It would be a global thing. I would wish that people always take a deep breath and think a couple of minutes before they act. I am not asking for world peace, no, but I would wish that people could live together more peaceful.

Author: Samira Alinto, Photos: Caroline Traitler
Date: 2005-11-03

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