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Thy Bleeding Skies: Open for influences

"Autumn Souls", the new Thy Bleeding Skies album is certainly a damn good disc, the frontman Claudio Enzler can be proud of. By email, he gave us more information about the band and the plans for the rest of the year.

Your band name sounds interesting – tell us about it!
First of all I want to make use of this opportunity to thank you for this interview! It’s always difficult as a band, which doesn’t exist for so long yet, to get on platforms on which you have the chance to represent yourself. Now to the question: The name THY BLEEDING SKIES stands allegorically for the doings of every single person, which they commit during their time of life. My wish would be that everyone who is faced with the band name asks himself the question where he stands in life and if he’s pleased with it.

Would you introduce the band? Tell us thereby something about band history, too.
In year 2006 I decided, besides my recent bands SACRIFICIUM and MY DARKEST HATE after a few failed projects, to record my ideas at home in my home studio. After I had put songs together for a complete record, I considered the compilation of band members. For the drums I definitely wanted to have my longtime friend JJ Kontoniemi from Finland / Helsinki, to my surprise he said “yes” spontaneously after listening to my songs. The guitarists Wolfgang Nillies and Robert Krizek I knew from the German Melodic Black Metal band MIGHT OF LILITH, where I had been assisting with singing for about 2 years. For the bass I recruited Patrick Uhlmann, the owner of Tramp Booking Agency.

During the recordings of our first album “CHAPTERS OF DOWNFALL” we’ve raised the interest of the Dutch label DARK BALANCE RECORDS, which released our album in May 2008 worldwide. After this we toured across Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland and Switzerland to promote our album. Unfortunately Patrick decided to leave the band after the tour of vocational reasons. After a while I decided to get Oliver Grosshans (Ex-Sacred Steel, My Darkest Hate) as guitarist and Robert Krizek assumed the bass. Since the release of our debut in the middle of May 2008, THY BLEEDING SKIES have played about 30 single concerts in 5 different countries.

Back to the current music: Which bands or genres are you listening at the moment? Name some examples.
Basically I’m not shying away from any kind of music, because I think music can only bring you further if you’re open for its influences. The main part of my CD collection moves in the range of Rock, Heavy Metal and even Death Metal. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Saint Vitus, Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Amorphis, Gorefest, At the gates, Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death are just a few of the bands I personally like.

Which concept stands behind the music?
Actually we don’t have an exactly concept. THY BLEEDING SKIES is a band which is setting no limits inside of Melodic Death Metal and so it could be that a few songs on the CD are not fitting to this genre at first sight.

New album?
We’ve just finished the recordings for our debut follower „AUTUMN SOULS“.
While on CHAPTERS OF DOWNFALL the songs are more in mid tempo, AUTUMN SOULS will rather become an album of the “extreme”, because we cover it all, from Doom Metal till Thrash Metal. Of course it’s all packed in a sound which is typical for us.

How would you describe your sound and style in your own words?
I think Melodic Death Metal suits best here.

Which was your worst gig you’ve ever had, which one was the best? What happened?
For me the worst gig ever we had was during the release tour of CHAPTERS OF DOWNFALL. We played in a club near Nuremberg.. During the gig I only had a feedback to my monitor and all the other monitors sounded like they were broken. During the show a string of my guitar ripped, which could be fixed quickly though. Of course we always try to give our best on the stage but it’s getting on your nerves if you have to work together with technically inept people (which probably was the case here).
The best gig was at BUILDING A FORCE festival. Unfortunately the festival itself wasn’t well-attended and we’ve also didn’t catch the best day, but somehow the chemistry between every single band member was something special this evening.

Which plans does the band have for the future?
Well, because we deliberately signed a contract about just one album, we have to look after another suitable label for THY BLEEDING SKIES. DARK BALANCE RECORDS, which released our debut, did a good job, but as our debut acquired some good reviews on the market, I think it’s time to make the next step. Of course we will work on our third album as well, for which we already have a few song ideas and to play so much shows as possible.

Thank you for the interview. Are there some last words you want to say to your fans?
Thank you so much that you’ve taken the time to read this interview. Buy the new album and support us further on like you did it in the past. You are the best!!!!

Author: Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler, photos: TBS
Date: 2010-07-19

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