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Emergency Gate: Not just partying hard

With their first two albums ``Nightly Ray`` and ``Rewake`` Emergency Gate from Swabia (Germany) did quite a good job. Now with their new release ``The Nemesis Construct`` they did even better. Reason enough to ask a few questions about the latest developments in the house of Emergency Gate, which were answered by guitarist Udo.

The sound on your new album has on the one hand much more synth-based tunes, but is on the other hand even harder than your last album ``Rewake``, due to its guitar work. How did this more or less contradictory development happen?
Do you think it is contradictory? For me these are two different things. On the one hand our sound has become rougher because people can dance better on it and it is really fun to play rough stuff on stage. On the other hand we wanted to integrate something new into our sound, something that only a few bands work with. Of course there are many bands which use keyboards. But most of them use it only to have one and it sounds really cheap and monotonous. We wanted to put more into the center of the sound. Especially the keyboard rhythms make our sound really groovy.

Your last album was more less written by Mario and Vladi alone. How did you do it this time?
This time the tracks are written by Matthias and me and Mario produced them again. This time actually everybody brought more into the songwriting. Matthias and me presented the structures of the songs and the others did their parts to it.

Tom Englund of Evergrey is featured on your new album. How did it came to this?
Mario worked as sound engineer on the last Evergrey tour. One day he said to Tom, more or less as a joke, that he should sing a song for us. He replied that he would be curious for a track. So we gave him one and he liked it.

Which elements of ``Rewake`` wanted you to improve on ``The Nemesis Construct``?
Hard to say. I think that ``Rewake`` is a really cool album, but different from TNC. The new tracks are faster and harder while the ``Rewake`` tracks are good for listening while driving. Therefore I think, that we will emphasize on the new tracks on our upcoming shows. They are really fun to play.

Last year you played a long tour through Europe with Kreator. What did you learn on this trip?
We have learned that tour life is not only to party all night, but also really hard work. Everybody helps the others, mutual respect is important. In addition, Kreator were good idols. Despite to their success, they are absolutely down to earth. You hear stories of some other bands…

Finally, is there any funny story from your tour that you could tell us?
There are many, but actually the other guys would be angry with me, if I told them here. But it was quite strange that our bus driver had to ask for the way in almost every city. It was always funny when the big coach stopped in the middle of a narrow road. We were sitting inside and thought: ``Not again!``


Author: Timo Pässler, photos: Emergency Gate
Date: 2010-07-27

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