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HORN OF THE RHINO: Skull-crushing

HORN OF THE RHINO recorded a mature album "Weight Of Coronation", which must have made everybody at their label Doomentia crying tears of joy. Band leader Javi Gálvez makes clear that this was not a coincidence but the result of long hard work, fortunately the Spaniards also had a lot of fun. Hopefully that mood continues ...

Please describe all band members with all their characteristics, spleens etc.?
The band was formed in December ´04 by Julen Gil (drums) and me, Javier Gálvez (guitars/vocals). Later on, Sergio Robles enter the band just after the recording of our first album Breed The Chosen One (07). Then, we signed to Arctic Music Group, from Florida, to release our second work Dead Throne Monarch (08). We´ve played live with bands such as Gorefest, Taint, Warchetype, Entombed, Moho, Hate, etc... Now, we are in Doomentia records for our third, and heaviest album to date, Weight Of Coronation.

„Weight Of Coronation" is the title of your new CD. How do you see this release and how would you describe the songs?
Well, we always try to do our albums to be different but keeping our identity. So many bands always said this, but in our case is true! Every disc sounds on its own and with this last one we´ve achieved things that we´ve never done, like be really heavy, in the true meaning of the word; really heavy, slow, powerful songs with great vocal lines above all the record.
Is a skull crushing one, a fat motherfucking of an album!

What is the Spanish Metal scene like? What did change in all those years?
Is full of shit! In the underground you can always find a great band or two, but in general the scene is filled with bands with nothing to say musically, stuck in the past doing rancid metal.

What was the most bizarre moment in your band history?
I don´t remember any really bizarre moment, but a long time ago someone gave me the first Master record to sign in it, after a Master/Abomination/Pungent Stench show; I don´t know who he thought I was, since I don´t look like Speckman hahaha!!!

So what are you doing outside the band?
We don´t make a living out of this, if you mean that. It´s impossible so, we have regular day jobs like everybody else.

Your personal top 5 Metal albums:
I like so many bands/albums that can´t keep only with five, but I tell you what I remember right now:
Leave Scars-Dark Angel
Realm Of Chaos-Bolt Thrower
Blessed Black Wings-High On Fire
Sad Wings Of Destiny-Judas Priest
The Ten Commandments- Malevolent Creation

What do you think is cool/totally sucks about being a musician?
Writing songs is the part that I enjoy the most, I live for that. My head´s always full of riffs, drum parts and vocal lines. I think that I can do that forever!
The worst is not getting gigs, shows or tours because you´ll not be getting paid. People thinks that a band can survive only with a six pack and a pair of sandwiches, sleeping on someone´s couch. There is little respect for the musician in that case.

What´s going on with you now? What happens after the CD release?
We want to play wherever we can, crushing everyone on our path and showing that we are at the same level of any international band.


Author: Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler
Date: 2010-09-20

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