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Pussy Sisster: It Will Pay Off in Bed

A German reality tv show gave this band some well-deserved attention but not everyone granted them their success. The whole band appears very likeable from the first second on, however, it is manager Chris, who does most of the talking. No trace of airs and graces anywhere. Finally, a rocknroll band from Germany that delivers real American music that rocks. Before their gig in Switzerland, Marc O., Mr. Coma, Alex Sex, Vital Roxx and their manager Chris Nad took some time to introduce the band properly.

Hi, guys, for starters, could you, please, introduce Pussy Sisster, who are you and where are you from?
Mr. Coma: Well, we are the band Pussy Sisster from Karlsruhe. We are around for eight years now; we just had our 8th anniversary, last week. And we do sleaze/pose/rock but it´s going a little bit more into a heavy direction at the moment. So normal rocknroll, actually.
Chris: (introduces the musicians) Marc O. – guitar, Mr. Coma
Mr. Coma: I play bass.

And what about you?
Vital Roxx: I´m the drummer - Vital Roxx

And who of you is from the States?
Vital Roxx: Our second guitarist is from the States.
Mr. Coma: But he is in the US right now.
Chris: He will only be back next week.

And what about you (Chris), are you playing in the band as well? There are pictures of you with the band and such.
Chris: No, I´m not playing. It just happened… eight years ago, my brother (Alex Sex) and I had the idea to form a band. I´m 10 years older than he is so I said, ok, we do it like that, I will do the management from the beginning on and he will go on stage. And then, we try to find some musicians who will help make this project happen. That´s how it goes, he goes on stage with the guys and I do the work in the background.

Yeah, maybe it´s better that way, thus you can at least trust the manager.
Mr. Coma: Exactly!
Chris: Like I said, we´re missing one musician at the moment but that´s because he lives in Dallas. He flew back home about four weeks ago, to Dallas. Now he´s there for a while and next week, on November 29th, he will come back to Germany because we will play a tour. So, he doesn´t come for single concerts. We can´t affort that just yet, to pay his flights all the time.

But it will surely work out without him, I guess?
Chris: This young man (pats Marc on his back) will manage on his own (all laugh)
Marc: Sometimes.

Alex Sex

Could you tell me a bit about the band history, how long are you all playing together and how did you meet in the first place?
Chris: Well, we two (points to Alex) have always known each other. (all laugh) It all went down like this: we were on holiday about eight years ago, in Croatia. We got totally hammered and then decided to form a band, just like that. We started with three people. He (Alex), me and the drummer. No one was able to play anything, he (Alex) didn´t know how to sing, the drummer didn´t know how to play drums properly and then we had our first rehearsal room in some kind of bunker. And then we found a guitarist, who joined us and then we somehow played our first gig, about five weeks later with cover versions. Well, maybe I have to add that Pussy Sisster solely played covers for the first 1,5 years. Kiss, Guns´n´Roses, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Scorpions etc. And like I said, over the years, we had a couple of line-up changes, all the time, we got new musicians who were better suited and who were more interested to get this to work. Over and over again, it didn´t work, one reason being women, because of girlfriends or because of studies or because they weren´t ambitious enough.
Alex: Booze (laughs)
Chris: So, over the years we exchanged musicians until we found the ones who were shooting for the same target, how we were planning it.
Alex: And now we have it!
Chris: And now, for about two years now, we recruited the last two band memers, Vital Roxx and Marc O. and since that time we have made a lot of progress, musically. The musical quality went up and also this whole tv thingy, what happened there. This group is now also the group that is known in the public and we are all pursuing the same goal.

Many will know you through the German tv show “Goodbye Deuschland”. How did you end up there and how was the experience for you?
Alex: Ah, it was cool, something completely different, a few days there. It was 1,5 weeks…to be followed by a tv crew in every situation…it was really funny and we also profited a lot from it, millions of people were watching it and many liked it.

Marc O.

(Suddenly, Chris´ phone rings)
Alex: Oh, phone! Many liked it but there were also many who said that it was total crap but there´s nothing you can do about that. The main thing is that many people have seen it, I think.
Chris: in the back (Honey? Can you please call me back in 15 minutes? We just have an interview, you know! Hey, sorry, honey, call me back in 15 minutes, alright? Ciao) (everyone else is laughing)

That much about those girlfriends…
Alex: You can write that in the interview as well (everyone is laughing even harder)
Chris: Anyone up for a beer?
Alex: No, I still have a warm one there.
Chris: Sandy, don´t you want a beer?

No, thanks.
Chris: Liquor?

(laughs) No, no, I still have to drive home.
Marc, Alex and Coma: Oh yes, I will have one!

Do you have a short anecdote about your time in the US?
Alex: We have been there quite often already, I think we did something like three US tours or so. Of course, there are many stories; we have been to the wildest porn houses, where they film those movies. This was three years ago, but there´s always something new, always something new is happening when you go from east coast to west coast and back and then we also stay with our guitarist because he lives there but it is always funny with those guys.

What are the biggest differences between Germany and the US?
Chris: (Chris gets back) Bad news!
Alex: No liquor?
Chris: No!
Marc: You have to buy booze in specialty shops (all laugh)
Alex: The first time we have been to the US, he (points to Marc) wasn´t 21 yet. We were so afraid that he couldn´t get into the clubs and wouldn´t even be allowed to play his own gig. But the differences…in the US there´s still a lot of rocknroll, in Germany it is slowly coming back, the rocknroll but I don´t know, how is it in Switzerland? Maybe in Switzerland, too?

Not really, people are still more into Death Metal!
Chris: In the US, they also play it all the time on the radio. All those bands that were popular in the 80´s or those that are still around today…Dokken and all the others…they are played on normal radion stations and that´s also...you can see that in the US, but I don´t know, in Germany you can start to see that, too meanwhile. In the US all kids are either into rap or Metal but this techno stuff or so, they don´t really have that movement.

Mr. Coma

Yeah, luckily!
Chris: Yeah, the kids really like either rock or hip hop. Maybe hip hop a little bit more, that´s possible.
Mr. Coma: But in Germany you really notice that rock is coming back, too. Slowly!

Are you actually mainly famous in the US?
Alex: No, no no, actually we aren´t.
Chris: Because of this tv thingy more in Germany. Of course, there were eight million viewers!
Alex: You can´t get so many fans to a gig in the US.

So it was a complete success!
Chris: Yes! Soon we have something new, on a different tv station. It´s in two weeks, on November 29th and 30th. And on December 1st we´re shooting another show, it will be funny. I can´t reveal any more details but it´s going to awesome.

How did you acutally end up on that reality tv show?
Chris: We simply wrote a letter to that tv station and said that we´re going to the US, whether they would want to film that and follow us and they immediately agreed.

And it was very lucrative.
Alex: In any case, free promotion.

What would you say are the positive and negative sides about it?
Alex: Well, I have to say that for me there are only positive sides. The gigs get fuller; of course, from time to time you hear something like “Assholes” but you get this anyway. I think, the more people think you suck, the more think you´re great or so. But for me personally, the positive aspects predominate.
Chris: The venues get bigger or they have gotten bigger because of that. Back in the day, we mainly played in small clubs and now almost every gig happens in a quite demanding, medium-sized club. It´s just bigger, everything has gotten bigger. There are also negative things, there were some people who thought we´re crap.

Vital Roxx

There are always envious people!
Mr. Coma: Exactly! It´s always a matter of taste. One person likes it, the other doesn´t. One person thinks were nice guys, the other thinks we´re douchebags.

They are only jealous! What are you inspired by when you´re writing songs?
Alex: (starts to laugh) Difficult!
Marc: It just happens…some riffs, ideas when you play. I just usually sit at home and listen to something.
Alex: And you´re playing with your nuts! (lacht)
Marc: And watch Alex´ porn movies (both laugh) No, it just happens.

And you´re writing the lyrics together?
Alex: I write (with strong US accent) the lyrics!! (laughs)
(The others start to make fun of him and laugh)
Alex: No, it comes from life, what has happened. Experiences, about everything, about my whole life, everything that has happened, you use that in a song text.

Have you considered to really move to the US and do music only there?
Alex: (starts to laugh)
Chris: It would be nice if we could say we stay three months there and three months here but it depends on how the band will grow, how our money situation will develop. But I think everyone could imagine building up something small somewhere in Florida or Los Angeles. But it´s important to gain some ground in Germany and Switzerland, Austria… then we will see. Everyone is still young, so there´s lots of time.
Alex: Young and unjaded!

What do you want to achieve with your music? What are your goals and dreams?
Alex: Of course, you have many dreams but…
Marc: Lots of money! (laughs)
Alex: Success, I guess. We hope that people will like it.
Chris: That ist he most importan thing of all. That the fans like it. And that it goes over well with the people.
Alex: And that people like it. Because when people don´t like it, we won´t be successful. Vital Roxx: First and foremost, that you can wow people with your music, that people come to your shows and give you positive energy and then you can give it further, that´s the goal.
Alex: And you give it to who?
Vital Roxx: To the crowd, it´s an eternal cycle.
Alex: I see...(laughs)

Why should people listen to Pussy Sisster? What do you have to offer that other bands don´t?
Marc: It´s fun to listen to us in the car, when you´re having sex (all laugh), we have different rhythms.
Alex: I´ll just have a look around, well, everyone is looking handsome (all laugh)
Mr. Coma : We can offer many musical styles on our CD. So that means, for those who like metal there´s a certain song that he or she might like. Something for girls who usually listen to House or something like that but sometimes also to November Rain by GunsnRoses. Those girls will surely also like one of the ballads on our album. We have many different styles and many bands, they only have one genre throughout the whole record and then you will only like the album if it´s your personal taste. So, we have something for everyone.
Chris: Diversity. But also other bands offer that quite a lot, a whole variety of styles.

But people can recognise you in the songs?
Chris: That´s very important for a band.
Alex: Yes, a certain recognition value.
Chris: We have a lot of respect for other bands but a band that wants to be successful has to stick out from the masses a little bit.
Alex: I think, we are distinguishable from other bands by our name (laughs)

You´re still on tour until mid December in Germany, are there plans for more tours?
Chris: Next week Memmingen Kaminwerk, once again with Pretty Maids, then on the 3rd in Jüchen, on the 4th in Bochum at Matrix, 5th of December at Hirsch in Nuremberg, 6th of December in Munich Backstage and on 7th of December in Stuttgart at Röhre.

That´s a manager that knows everything by heart, respect! I have to give you credit for that!
Alex: He´s booze-free now for some time, that´s why! (all laugh)

Some final words for our readers?
Chris: STALKER….
Alex: Put in the Pussy Sisster CD and it will pay off in bed (all laugh)
Chris: Thanks for your time!
Alex: Yes, thanks!

Yeah, anytime, thank you!!

More about Pussy Sisster on www.pussy-sisster.de

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: band
Date: 2011-01-02

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