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Papa Roach: Bad-ass RockíníRoll

With "On The Record & On The Road" PAPA ROACH have released a weird but still powerful "compilation album". The guys present themselves as well-functioning unit, and we met the band at the Taste-Of-Chaos tour in Freiburg, to summarize their travel adventures so far. Therefore, letīs pass over to singer Jacoby.

Congratulations to the compilation album "On The Record & On The Road", it is really well-done!
Thank you very much! We also like this album a lot, and I hope fans like it as well.

How was the feedback for the new album so far?
The feedback has been great! Itís been playing the shows when we get the true feedback, on the message boards our fans are really enjoying the live-parts of the record aswell as the new material. For us itís really gratifying going on stage, playing the new stuff and the kids are going off to the new music!

How was the tour in Germany?
Itís been going very well. We started in Scandinavia walked all way down to Copenhagen, chopped to Germany on a few days, we got a couple more, like Freiburg - weíve never been here before, so thatís very cool. But weíve been to Germany, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, many festivals before, so thatís why we keep coming back, shows in Germany are always have something.

Which festivals did you play in Germany?
Open Flair, that was awesome! And Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, and we did a tour with Iron Maiden, we just thought that the crowd was going to like us Ė but they loved us! That was very cool, though we arenít a Metal Band we rocked the crowd!

Why donít you tell us something about the new album, whatís different, whatís new?
I would say with the new music itís a bit more modern sounding, we went in and used some Loops and Beats, Keyboards and Sampling, stuff to embellish our rock-sound. On the other side the record is a live-album Ė itís the first time we done a live-record, and itís really energetic, it shows the passion and the spirit and the energy of our band. We got the crowd-mics turned all the way up, so you could hear the crowd singing along with us. So itís the best album of Papa Roach and we did that because itís kind of an end of an Era for us Ė 10 years, we put up 5 records, we just left the major Labels went to an independent Record Company and now that parts done now we start fresh and itís interesting what will come out next.

Whatís your motivation to play music?
Just life. It helps me to manage the fire inside myself, because for me music is an escape, it helps me to express myself, to say things out loud, either about myself or the world around me and it makes me feel like Iím a part of something.

Doesnít the tour affect your private life?
Oh yeah, I donít get to go home very often, so itís very tough to have a wife and kids, but rockíníroll is just my dream and my wife understands it, my kids Ė they are 8 and 6 Ė love music and they come out with me on tour sometimes. Itís tough but cool, itís just my dream.

Is your wife with you on this tour?
No, she was with me on the last Europe-Tour, I got two little boys, but they havenít been to Europe yet, we want to wait a little bit longer till they get older so they can appreciate it.

How does the typical Papa Roach fan look like?
Thereís no typical Papa Roach fan! Itís like Freaks, Geeks, Weirdoes, Punks, Goth Kids, just average Joes, Girls, Guys, Older, Younger and I think especially in America itís even more diverse because we done so many types of touring, but in Europe itís primarily a rock audience.

Has your fanbase developed during all those years?
Yeah, because when we started there were a lot of kids and also many like 25, now 10 years later theyíre 35 and have kids, but still there are young kids, so thereís a future for Papa Roach.

Do you have some funny tour-stories for us?
There are all kinds of funny moments! One time there was a girl who asked ďEy, can I get your autographĒ and I was like: ďYeah, sure!Ē and then she said: ďNow Iíll give you mineĒ, she just pulled off her skirt and stuck the pen in her butt and wrote her name done on a paper with her ass. That was interesting!

What do expect for tonight?
Bad-ass rockíníroll, Jumpiní, Moshpit, drinking, Party, People singing out loud, just like a rockíníroll-show should be!

Have you been to Freiburg for a visit?
Yeah, yesterday we walked around a bit, checked out the church, which is wonderful, and we had some traditional German cuisine last night, and the waitress asked: ďAre you rockstars?Ē, and then we took some pictures and it was awesome. I really like German traditional food like Schnitzel, my wife cooks it herself because she has lived in Germany for five years when she was a little kid. I really like Germany, all the cities with their history and I like German beer, but Iím not drinking on this tour.

Does the green life-style go with the rockíníroll life-style?
Oh, itís pretty hard, because when youíre on tour you use gas every day and I really try to drink water out of a glass, not from a plastic bottle and reuse the towels. At home I use a green car, but to really change something we need the big companies to change, because itís not us people, itís the big oil refineries, but in essence humans are just a fucking disease!

Thank you for the interview.
Youīre welcome! Thank you for your support.


Author: Markus Seibel, photos: Band
Date: 2011-02-01

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