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Buckcherry: Emotional roller coaster ride

BUCKCHERRY recently published with "All Night Long" an excellent modern hard rock album – which proves that this US act keeps improving constantly with every release. Singer Josh Todd has a lot to tell us and also took the opportunity to talk about BUCKCHERRY´s new album in general and a bit about their favorite bands ...

How is it going?
It’s going perfect! Just like we expected and even more. It’s amazing to be in all those cities and going down to places we wouldn’t come to play in and it’s really cool to see so many people sing our songs, it’s really a kick!

So, how was the feedback for your new album so far?
We haven’t heard anything negative about it, the recording label is very proud and we are, too! There’s a lot of work behind it, but we had a good time recording it and everyone was enjoying to be in the studio or on tour. There’s a really good chemistry in the band and I think we’re stronger than we’ve ever been before. We’re like best friends and I don’t see that very often in other bands, it’s a really cool thing!

What did you change when writing your songs and recording? What created the new sound?
It changed because of all the things we listened to during recording it and we got our inspiration mostly from Muse and what we always try to do is a roller coaster, we try to show all the emotions, use the punky-stuff, the poppy-stuff, the heavy-stuff, the fast-stuff, the happy-stuff, the sad-stuff or the slow-stuff. We want to send you on an emotional journey when you listen to this album.

What’s your favorite song of the album?
I think “666”, the first song of the album, because it’s just like in your face, very energetic. The crowd loves it and we love it.

Do your songs or lyrics have a message?
We’re neither a political band nor a religious band, we don’t talk about that stuff, we rather talk about individual things, so it doesn’t matter if I sing in a bus station, I just grasp visions from wherever I’m going.

How does your typical fan look like?
We don’t have a special type of fan, they have brown eyes or big boobs, we have 50-year old bearded guys with Motörhead-T-shirts or 14-year old girls with blue hair, just a cool mixture and it’s cool that we’ve played with so many different bands like Cinema Bizarre, Machine Head, and touring with Sonic and we’re able to play with such a diversity and we don’t have to make compromises. We try not to get stuck on one thing, I don’t want get bored and I enjoy this variety. We just want to play whatever we want to play, not tagged to one genre.

How do you get along with the bands you tour with?
That has never been a problem, you just can’t be an asshole if you live like that. It’s very intense, but we never had a fight, we just have fun or at least try to. It’s business and we should make the best out of it.

Do you have any idols? Isn’t it weird to be on stage with these people?
Of course, but I wouldn’t call them idols anymore. More like inspiration, for example Metallica or Sepultura. It’s cool to just talk to them and get to know them for real.

What’s your favorite band?
It changes from day to day. My all-time inspiration is Björk, but everyone has different likes. Sikth is also a very cool band. I myself probably listen to the most extreme stuff, there was a time when I loved Sting, but I also like melodic stuff and different styles of playing. Finally I think you get inspiration from everything and you bring it into your music and that’s how we bring up these really cool songs!

Are you looking forward to the concert tonight (in Freiburg, GER, Taste-Of-Chaos tour)?
Yes, but we played here one year ago and that was the time when we first met the Scorpions, it was really great and James, the drummer of the Scorpions came in, ate our catering, drank all our beer and he slept on our backseats, that was quite funny! And when our Manager woke him up and he had to go on stage…we really got good memories from that day.

What are your plans in the next weeks?
We want to tour the hell out of this planet, we jam a little bit and come up with new things, but right now we just want to tour around. We’re focusing on this album right now, it’s our baby. We’ll have some big festivals coming up in Summer 2011, that’s going to be nice.

Do you have an official band website?
It’s on it’s way, our main page right now is on myspace, you can check out everything there.

Is there something you want to tell your fans?
We’ll love to see you guys, enjoy the show and have a good time, just like we do!
(Go to school and don’t take drugs!)

Thank you for the interview!

Author: Markus Seibel, photos: Band
Date: 2011-02-07

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