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Harm: Reach for the sky

HARM are a Norwegian trio, which has devoted itself fully to Thrashmetal. After their debut "Devil" they have recently released their second album effort. Drummer Øivind Vågane gives us a quick update about the changes within the band and the music since the last album.

Hi, how are you?
I’m fine thank you.

Often people say that Thrash-Metal is a political genre. Does your Album contain such a message?
Not in particular. The theme, or "message" if you will, is based on personal experiences that has played a significant role in our lives. Be it either positive or negative experiences.

Your album is titled “Demonic Alliance”. What does this alliance refer to?
This too is a personal thing. It’s about making an alliance between you and your inner demons rather than trying to resist them. If some horrible event has occurred in the past, you should not let it destroy you. You should do what is necessary to get even, or make things right. Revenge in other words.

Can you tell us something about the development of the new album?
(I’m assuming that you mean the development from the Devil album to this album)
Well a lot has changed, and a lot has stayed the same. The band has gone through a complete lineup change, with Steffan (Schulze, voc+bass) being the only member who played on the Devil album.
Demonic Alliance is a harder and more intense album. We’re doing the same thing, it’s just been taken a step further. Both albums are equally personal, and states the same message in many ways.

”Demonic Alliance” is a CD/DVD digipack. Why a DVD in the age of internet and Youtube?
Because that is how it should be. I would much rather have a collection of DVD’s and CD’s in my shelf than a file on my computer with a collection of links. I like the idea of having a hard copy of our product in my hands instead of a couple of MP3’s and pictures on the web.

You only have one guitarist, wouldn’t a second one improve your sound in an enourmous way?
This is not a problem in the studio because Steffan and Andreas (Vågane, Øivind´s brother, the ed.) shared some of the guitar work and you’re able to record as many guitars as you want . Live on the other hand, we use two guitar players. Our live guitarist is Nicolay “Jørni” Johnsen.

Will you play live in Germany in near future?
We have nothing booked in Germany for the moment, but we and our label Battlegod are working on it. We would very much like to play in Germany.

What are your plans for the future in matters of music?
Play lots of shows, make lots of music, and reach for the sky!

Thank’s for the interview and cheers!


Author: Tristan Fröhlich, photo: Harm
Date: 2011-06-22

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