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Sister: No rules!

Sweden offers great newcomer bands year after year, and although Sister have been around for a while, those four guys probably receive more attention now because of their Metal Blade deal and their great debut album "Hated". Rebellion is the magic word, and developing their own style of music – and this is the case here with Sister. The whole package is just right, music, attitude and style. Cari, drummer and founder of the band, is answering our questions.

Hey Cari, how are you guys doing? A couple of days ago, you had your record release party for “Hated” (see STALKER review), how was it?
Hi there! We´re doing just fine. Just got home from the Sweden rock fest where we had a a great time, meeting a lot of fans and friends! Before that, we had our release party here in Stockholm. It was awesome! The place was packed, we played the whole new record live on stage, the crowd was crazy and we had a great fucking night. Perfect!

Could you please introduce the band to the ones don’t know you yet?
Sister is a high energy four piece from Sweden. The sound is some kind of raw sleazy/punk metal . Whave been around for about five years and in 2010 we´ve got signed with Metal Blade Records and started working with the debut album HATED. (out now!!;)

How did it all begin? Where did you meet each other and when came the idea to form a band?
I (Cari) started the band in southern Sweden back in 2005/2006 together with our former guitar player. We met Jamie outside a concert arena and managed to steal him from his other band, cause we were looking for a singer and liked his style. The band went on for a couple of months until the bassplayer quit. By then, another band in Stockholm that we knew and had played some gigs together with just split up. Their bassplayer then Rikki joined us. A few years later after spreading the name over the world, our guitarist left and we hooked up with Lestat and created the final/classic Sister lineup.

Why did you choose the name Sister?
It has no deeper meaning. I think it´s a great name. Like "Kiss" or something that way! I had the name stuck in my head for a while, tried to mix it together with other names. Somehow it ended up being simply just Sister. Four guys with makeup, releasing an album called HATED and call themselves Sister. Can´t get any better! People are flipping out, haha.

Since your formation in 2006, you have released a couple of EP’s but “Hated” is your debut full-length record, why did it take so long to record a complete album and what can people expect from it?
This is the first time we really can show the world what we are about. All the earlier releases were paid and sold by ourselves. This time we have a worldwide record deal helping us out and that means a lot! This is the best stuff we´ve ever released, it´s like the final product that includes the best of what we´ve done those last years. Why it took so long is simply becuse we were looking for the right deal and now we´ve got it. We have been in contact with several labels during those years, but no one as interesting as Metal Blade. It was great timing! After we´ve built up a heavy fanbase with 2009´s Deadboys Making Noise we got signed and now, here comes the debut! We´ve always wanted to get signed on a heavy label, and for sure, Metal Blade is one of those!

What makes you differ from other bands?
Basically we like having a great time and play rock n´ roll. That´s how it all started. In that way I guess we are just like any other band out there. Musically, I would say we are different. We are not in to just one genre or something like that. Like, if you put yourself in the black metal genre, you have to play black metal (or glamrock or whatever). We listen to all kind of music and trying to like, take out the best parts of each genre and put in to our music. Listening to us, you´ll hear some classic glam/sleaze rock, some heavy metal/death metal parts, a rough punk attitude/sound and... well, I could go on forever, you get the point! We have no rules when we create our music, no music style where we have to play this or that to fit in. We do what we belive in and that is what you get while listening to us.

I read your biography and it seemed to me that your band motto is: “Live your life the way you want to and not like other people want you to do!” Is that the philosophy behind the band?
Yes it is and it has always been. That´s how we see things and wish that more people could do. When you are different you have to take a lot of shit from people. We think that you should be able to live your life and do what you want with it. And as long as it doesn´t hurt anybody else, i guess it´s a pretty sane thought, right? It´s no statement that we have created in the band. I guess we are just four guys with this way of thinking. There´s a lot of people out there thinking the same way. Some people just fall in line and accept all the rules created by the society, some manage to think outside those rules and can decide by themselves what they think is wrong and what is right.

You also said that being on stage is all what music is about. So what can people expect when they come to your shows?
A 100% full blown rock n´ roll show. The stage is our home, that´s where we belong! We put on a chaotic show and tear ourselves and the stage apart while playing our stuff. One gig is never like the other.

In 2008, you have been on a European tour with the Finnish band Private Line, how was this experience for you? Do you still remember? ;)
That was a great tour! I remember it, haha. Ok, not everything ;) We joined Private Line as opening act for two weeks in Europe and it was great. A perfect way for us to get out on the road and show the band to a new audience. The Private Line guys were awesome and we had great time with them. I can still think of some drunk and crazy moments we had those weeks and laugh!

What do you want to achieve with your music? What goals do you have?
To make a living out of it and be able to record new music, tour the world while having a great time. That´s the only thing I´ve ever wanted to do.

How important is style for a band like yours? For example, you all have a very similar style when it comes to clothes or hair color and stuff like this?
We´ve always loved those bands like Kiss, Motley Crue and so on. I love when you get the whole package, a band that both looks and sounds killer! Don´t know why, that´s just the way I feel. But i´m not saying that all bands has to wear makeup and leather pants, not at all. I love bands like Nirvana och Pantera or whatever, that just don´t give a fuck what they are wearing but looks killer anyway!

Do you have plans for another tour in Europe already?
We are planning a European tour right now :)

Do you have some final words for the STALKER readers?
Be sure to check our brand new release HATED, it will smash you´re head in!! Follow us at www.sisteronline.net for latest news. Tours and stuff are coming up. Hope to see you guys soon!

Thanks a lot for your time& the Interview and all the best with “Hated”!

Date: 2011-07-16

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