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Seven: Like a clock-work

The fact that the men of SEVEN do not display their Eastern European homeland and are rather assumed to be from the States, gives them an additional quality feature. Guitarist Honza talks about their music and explains why Victor Smolsky is something like their fifth band member.

Hi! Congratulations to your new album Freedom Call, it sounds great! What are you doing at the moment?
Hi, thank you for your kind words and also that you like the album. We are on an autumn tour. (see STALKER tourdates, the ed.)

Your album reminds me of Circle II Circle, Rage or Brainstorm. Would you call them your main influences? If not, which bands have influenced you the most?
Every time this question appears, I think about how to answer it without forgetting anyone. I have been influenced by so much music and genres, that it is difficult to list it. I listen to classical music, jazz up to Hardcore. At the beginning I was influenced by Ace Frehley-Kiss, Tommy Iommy, Ritchie Blackmore, J.E.Lee, later by Steve Vai, Rusty Cooley, M. Tremmonti and Paul Gilbert. And bands like: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth etc.

You worked with some famous musicians, such as Doro Pesch and Victor Smolsky. How did this collaboration happen? Have you enjoyed it? Why do you call Victor the 5th Band-Member?
We´ve known Doro for several years now, she christened our album Entice from Sea and she sang with Seven on Sevens album which she should have christened, too, but at the end Blaze Bayley had the honours, it was her who introduced us; and with Victor, well, we have know each other for some time, we met at various workshops. I work as a testing player for Mesa Boogie and Ibanez. We also played before Helloween/Rage on their tour, and then after time we became great friends. Victor likes playing with us and we take him as the fifth band player. We absolutely enjoy playing with foreign artists. I really appreciate how they behave towards us and their professionalism.

You really have a nice album-cover. Who made it and how is it relied to the music?
Thank you, the cover was made by our mates Vlasta Henych and a Slovakian firm Dis-Art Design. We hope that it actually underlines our music, but we leave the decision on the fans.

Is there a concept or general meaning behind the album?
The Songs have origins from the instrumental period and for the album Freedom Call we chose new and older collection. We also had in mind keeping the concept of the album, and the lyrics are relevant to various issues of today.

You have been around for quite a long time. What has changed throughout the years and what has always been consistent?
We keep making music and we are very happy that we can play. I have in the band some wonderful talented musicians, and all works like a clock-work. I wish it would stay like it for a very long time.

What future plans do you have?
I always work on new projects, I would like to record another instrumental album and now we are in the middle of our autumn tour in Czech and Slovakia.

Thanks for the interview! Any last words? Díky za rozhovor! Nějaká poslední slova?
Thank you for the interview; we appreciate all new fans who like our music. We also hope to see you in person soon. Looking forward to seeing you, Honza.


Author: Gregor Bewernick (medicine-metal.de), photos: Band
Date: 2011-10-12

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