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Powerwolf: Wolf-adequate chapel

Right after release the new POWERWOLF album "Blood of the Saints" entered the German Top 30 Charts – which is a success that even surprised band mastermind Charles Greywolf. He took the time to give us a quick update on the new album, religion and the Power Of Metal-Tour.

Hi, how are you? How are the reviews of your new output? You have definitely pulled it off with another masterpiece...
The reactions to „Blood of the Saints“ are simply incredible. It became „album of the month“ in Metal Hammer, we ended up on 23rd position in German Charts and we received overall good reviews – which definitely makes things more than clear. BUT the most important thing is that our fans are once again satisfied, and this is what they proved to us explicitly during the past Power of Metal Tour …

Isn´t it quite unusual for a band to record the choir and organ parts in a chapel? How did you manage to make those recordings, without causing severe quarrels with local clergymen?
We made those recordings in an old church, I think it is from 11th century. This church has already profane status and therefore available for such purposes. We have made recordings in a church already for the „Lupus Dei“ album, but this time it was indeed an epic experience. It is quite a feeling when you hear 30 people in a choir singing your songs…

That must have been incredible concerning the acoustics! I can easily imagine that you also tried to capture the atmosphere as a whole, with candles, diabolic lighting and other stuff – am I correct about that?
This was the main reason to use this chapel for such purpose. It should sound 100% like genuine church choir. Naturally we had wolf-adequate lighting in this church and provided a huge catering for the singers of this choir, so that they would feel comfortable during those 2 days of recording sessions. Such long singing sessions are demanding, therefore the catering is important. Summing up I have to say that it was indeed worth the effort and has enriched the record quality.

I think that this new CD will make its mark in the Metal scene, because the songs are very powerful and enchanting, which will get more fans captivated by the magic of the wolves. What is the fascination of this topic? There is a certain danger that the wolf theme might get stale after 4 records and that you begin repeating yourselves…
Until now we didn´t have any problem with that. Moreover, we have many more topics that we deal with, we are not exclusively focused on the wolf theme. There are many more aspects to it, because Matthew – our text author – is very much fascinated by the Old Testament and puts a lot of those themes into our songs. And there are also plenty of our songs dealing with Vampires – and naturally with wolves, too…

You´ve pointed out many times that POWERWOLF is no fun band, and I cannot imagine you writing songs about politics and such. What is POWERWOLF then, what is your purpose? What do you want to achieve with your songs?
The songs should be good ones in first place, songs that people simply can enjoy. We are Metalheads ourselves and simply make that kind of music that we personally like. Naturally there´s the occasional tongue-in-cheek moment, but we are no fun-party act like e.g. JBO. We do not appreciate being put into the same category, because this is definitely not our intention. We have serious topics and sometimes it´s funnier, but still the background is a serious one.

When listening to POWERWOLF I always have the feeling that I dive into another world. Have you ever considered translating a whole album into a movie, and maybe even starring in it?
No. That wasn´t any of our concerns so far, but it is a big compliment that you see it in such way. We made our first video to this new record (we drink your blood), and only for this one song we needed to invest such a lot of time, work and money – therefore turning a whole record into a movie is simply not possible. Moreover, we are musicians and not actors…

Vampires, Werewolves, Transsylvania... which films from this genre to you like most, and why?
Honestly, I am not a big movie fan, I rather listen to good music…
Thank you for the interview! The last words are yours:
Metal is religion – see you on tour!

Author: Markus Seibel, transl. K.Weber, photos: Band
Date: 2011-12-15

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