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Beggars and Thieves: It´s like riding a bike

After twelve long year Beggars and Thieves are finally back. With their new Album “We are the Broken Hearted” they show that they haven’t forgot anything and still are able to form an awesome new album. Singer Louie Merlino told us why the Come-Back took so long.

Hello Louie, hope you had a nice Christmas time and a great New Year’s Eve. Your new record with Beggars & Thieves, „ We are the Broken Hearted“ was released couple of weeks ago. How are the responses so far and how do you feel with the record now when it’s done?
Happy Holidays to you…the response has been great it’s really taking on it’s own life!!! We’ve gotten over 32,000 views of the video so far, so the response has been favorable…

It was the first longplayer after 12 years for the band, what made you and Ronnie choose to try it again after such a long time?
Well, if it’s in there it’s got to come out, we decided we had more music in us, so we went and made this record out of pure love for each other and the music,we felt we had some more music to offer the world

How did you feel when you where back in studio again to record your “comeback” album?
It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how!!! It started a little slow, but once we started once again it took on it’s own life. So we kept on recording…

We didn’t get much to hear about the band between 1999 and 2010, what have you been doing in the meantime? Did you take a break or have you been just playing some shows in this time?
We have always kept playing music and writing and recording, we never really stopped. I also do gigs with our old friend Brent Muscat from FASTER PUSSYCAT here in town with the Sin City Sinners when their singer is off playing in Slash’s band, witch is good for me cause I’m singing all the time, it’s good fun

Louie, let’s talk little bit about your musical background. Can you tell us when did it all start and how you became a singer?
I was born, God made me a singer. When I was a kid I used to sneak into clubs in Buffalo and jam with Billy Sheehan’s band TALAS, cause no one could sing Zeppelin but me, so they would sneak me in the back door and I would go up and sing and then they would sneak me out of the back…

You have been cooperating with different artists, such as Alice Cooper, Fiona, doing backing vocals for them. Who else have you been working with and what other projects next to B&T are you involved in?
Well in the 80’s I was fortunate enough to work with great Desmond Child, who had me sing on everything he produced including his own solo record, I sang on KISS, JOAN JETT, ALICE COOPER,MICHAEL BOLTON,CHER, JIMMY BARNES ECT…. I sang on a lot of records back then, it was a great time…

You are also composing jingles for TV, I can imagine it to be a very interesting but also difficult job. For what kind of spots do you write jingles?
No, it was the best job ever, everyone was so happy to be working, no, I never wrote jingles - I was the go to guy for singing them. Good work if you can get it

You are from Las Vegas (according to the band info), as I have never been there what should a Rocker check out in this special city? Can you recommend a few places?
Actually I’m from Buffalo New York.. but the Bootlegger Bistro is a great place to eat, The Sinners play Fridays at Sunset station club Madrid…

How do your plans for 2012 look like? Do you plan a tour in Europe?
Depends on how well the record does, we´re ready to rock Europe anytime , anywhere

What would you like to be asked in a interview you’ve never been asked before?
“What will you wear to the Grammy’s?”

Thank you very much for your time and all the best for 2012 and with the band for the future.
Link zum Viedo “We come undone” : http://youtu.be/ZIEnmIVDqno
Band Web: http://www.myspace.com/thebeggarsandthieves

Author: by Sandy Mahrer, photos: Band
Date: 2012-02-06

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