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Black Crows Break the Silence: The biggest Band in this universe?

They want to breathe new life into the Finnish Metal-Scene and it seems as they pull it off with their first single “Killing the Courage of Youth and Heart”, because it became Nr.1 of the MTV3 Store Download Charts. Moreover, they landed a record deal with Sony Music. So who are those “not completely unknown” musicians from Jyväskylä?

Hello, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! So first of all, could you introduce the band and its members to those who don´t know you yet?
Michael Faith Someone doesn´t know us?!? What the… Hahhaaa!!
Clean vocals: Joonas Marttinen a.k.a. Joonas Lee
Scream vocals: Mikko Varjamo a.k.a. Michael Faith
Guitar: Heikki Viinikainen a.k.a. Söör Hector
Guitar: Arttu Ruotsalainen a.k.a. R2
Bass: Mika Ränttilä a.k.a. Rändi
Drums: Pasi Moilanen a.k.a. Pablo von Moilanen

How would you describe your musical style?
MF This is a hard one, right for starters, but I would say Post Hardcore-Emo-Pop-Metal.

When was the band founded and who came up with the idea for it?
MF It was May 2011 when I talked with Hector about music, music industry and how most of the Finnish bands do almost everything wrong. We thought that it´s our time to do this together and say “Fuck yeah, we know what we are doing, let´s show them!”.

Your band name is quite long, why did you choose the name Black Crows Break the Silence, is there a story behind it?
MF Yes, it´s from Avenged Sevenfold´s lyrics. A7X is very important band to me and crows are fucking cool! The whole name sounded so cool when I thought of it!

I know that Joonas has been part of SaraLee, how about the rest of you guys, which Bands have you been involved in before BCBtS?
BCBtS Dead Cult Diaries, Misleds, BONE5, Dead By You, Rogue Angel, Dog Days, Resleep, The Myth of Autumn, BloodRedSky…

One for Joonas: As mentioned you have been singer of SaraLee for few years, what happens to the band now?
Joonas We are on a break. So there is nothing happening right now. I´m putting my whole soul into this band now.

You guys are currently at the studio to record your first record. Do you already have a name for it and when will it be out?
MF No, not yet. I have a couple of great ideas, but let´s see how it turns out.

What can people expect from your first record?
Hector I think it will be a mix of a lot of different metal styles. Post Hardcore might be the right word for it. But in other hand, our first single will be anything but Post Hardcore.

You got a deal with Sony Music. How does it feel to get a deal right away with such a big label and what do you expect from the cooperation with Sony in the future?
MF We couldn´t be more thrilled about it. We have such great people working for us. I couldn´t be happier. Big hand to Mr. Kimmo Valtanen and Mr. Olli Halonen that they believe us and know that here is something big and different growing on!
Hector It´s so awesome. I have done this so many years in so many bands and now I´m finally here. I trust all the people who are working for us. Honestly speaking; I´m kind of out of words.

Founded in 2011 and you already have a record deal and you´re recording your first album, could it be better? Looks like you have a great future ahead! What do you think makes you special as a band? Why should people listen to you?
MF Yeah. Thank you Sandy! Our idea was to do everything with big lines and fast, and now it seems that everything is working just like we wanted to. But everybody has to remember (especially us) that we are at the beginning of everything. We are not at our goal, not even close, and we have to work so hard, like no one else has worked before.
What makes us special… Well, Joonas Lee, Söör Hector, R2, Rändi, Pablo von Moilanen and Michael Faith. That it is what makes us special. And that is why everybody should listen to Black Crows Break the Silence!

What are your goals, dreams, what do you want to achieve with your music?
R2 I dream about causing chaos and mayhem on stages around all continents and to meet music-lovers around the world. Besides that, looking forward for the after show-parties and late night composing sessions.
For the musical achievements, it would be nice to participate at some WMA´s or MTV awards. And having some great after-parties and mayhem there, too.
MF: To be the biggest band on this planet. No, in this universum.

What are the plans for the near future? What are you up to when the record is done?
Joonas Plans are to play gigs, do more, even better songs and seek for opportunities to do something we haven´t ever done before.
MF I want to tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Mötley Crüe and Bullet for My Valentine. And play some gigs with Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, too. But most importantly I just want to play as many shows as possible in many countries as possible.

Any last words for the STALKER readers?
BCBtS Thanks for reading this out! Go to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/blackcrowsbreakthesilence ) and LIKE us if you already haven´t and remember to buy our first single “Killing the Courage of Youth and Heart”! It´s on Spotify and iTunes! CROAK ON!

Thanks a lot and all the best wishes for your future as a band.
BCBtS Thanks Sandy for having us! Take care!

More Infos : http://www.bcbts.org/

Author: Sandy Mahrer photos: Band & Anssi Korhonen
Date: 2012-02-24

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