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Furyon: The name of the warrior

The debut album “Gravitas” proves that the British band Furyon has indeed what it takes to make it big (see the STALKER review) . With their songs that mix Heavy Metal, Prog and Classic Rock they created a fresh new sound, and the voice of singer Matt Mitchell adds the necessary recognition value. And it is this remarkable front man who introduces the band to us.

Hey guys. Hope you are doing well. Your debut record “Gravitas” has been released recently, how do you feel about it?
We are stoked about this. It feels like it´s been a long time coming. Cannot wait to get it across The World.

You got great reviews from UK so far, so how is the response to your album from abroad?
Yes the Uk press have been amazing! Especially the likes of Metal Hammer/ Classic Rock magazine. We are doing interviews with other countries and getting positive feedback. ´Gravitas´ seems to be kicking ass all over which is good in our eyes.

Ok let us find out first of all little bit more about you guys, what we know is your Band name is Furyon and you’re hailing from Brighton, UK - what more do we have to know about you?
Well, The band has been alive for about 7 years now. Created by Myself and guitarist Chris Green. We have had a couple of lineup changes and additions since we began and seem to be settled here.

When was the band founded and how did the name Furyon come up? Is there a special story or special meaning behind it?
Created in Brighton UK! The name Furyon is a warrior name. We wanted something that represented strength of character.

How about the members of the band? Can you maybe introduce each other? What have you been doing before Furyon and how did each of you get into the band? What musical background do you have?
Myself Matt Mitchell - Vocals, guitars and songwriter. I have been working as a singer for some time now. Started when I was 15 years old. Studied music at college here in UK and released previous albums with the band Pride.
Chris Green - Guitars, songwriter. Started playing as a kid around 9 years old. Ended up at guitar school in his late teens. Was also co-writer and guitarist in the band Pride.
Pat Heath - Guitars. Started playing in his early teens. Went to guitar school also. Has also had previous releases with the band Brave New World and played guitar for Danny Vaughns band Vaughn.
Lee Farmery - Drums. started playing in his teens and works as a pro drummer around the country. Lee also studied at drum school.
Nickel Bowen - Bass. Born in UK but grew up in Aruba. Nickel started his musical life in the Caribbean playing in a local band. Moving to Uk again in his late teens Nickel also studied at music school.

I’d say that you play kind of untypical metal for UK, you somehow sound more American to me, how come that you play that kind of sound and not something else, like Death Metal or whatever comes to your mind?
Yes I guess we do. We were all influenced quite a bit by the American Rock sounds of the 80´s and 90´s. The English too of course! It could be the vocal style that tends to lean towards American.

There is a video of a motion comic for your song “Disappear again” ( hier ) Very well done and something really different to all the other videos! Very nicely done! Who drew that comic? And who had the idea for the story?
Well, this was our friend Colin Newman (Traumatron) www.traumatron.co.uk He created the whole thing from the artwork to storyline to the film making. A big talent!

You played a show on 18th of March with Vain and Stala& So. What did you expect from that show? Or do you maybe have some funny gig experiences to share you had with them?
Yes we played the show. I wasn´t that impressed to be honest. But hey, it´s cool we all do our thing. We are a very different band to those bands. Different sound.

You had one night together, so what would you say who is capable to drink more, guys from US, UK or Finland?
Ooh ... I think The English are pretty crazy drinkers. Ha ha!

Our readers might never have been to Brighton, so what would you recommend to someone to see there who never has been there before? (Like a small sightseeing tour, Rock Club, Bar, Food, Nightlife)?
Brighton is a cool place. Check The Brighton Pavillion. It´s got some cool history. There used to be some great rock/alternative clubs too but they close down and re open. You can catch a Metal night called Deviant monthly. The Caroline of Brunswick and The Hydrant are local Rock pubs and The Concorde 2 has many touring bands play.

I saw that you played already few shows in England, Scotland etc. so do you guys already have plans for touring the rest of Europe as well, or do people need to come to Brighton to see you on stage?
We are planning on touring Europe. We want to get out and play as far and wide as possible. If the budget is there we will be there. If the fans are there, we will be there!

What are your goals, what to you want to reach with this band?
We hope the album sells well and get the opportunity to get out on the road. Take the live show to all the Furyon fans. Album 2 is being written now and we are thinking about Producers.

Ok last but not least: If the world ends tomorrow, how would your last day on earth look like, as a band?
Well .. Possibly very drunk!

Thanks a lot for the interview and all the best for you guys!
Thank you too Sandy! Rock N Roll!

More Info at: http://www.furyon.net/

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Band
Date: 2012-04-08

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