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Stratovarius - After being fucked up, now happy again

They calmed down and formed a union again.In late 2003 it seemed like the end of Stratovarius was near – „musical differences“, as it is often said when one or more band members leave or have to leave. A turbulent time followed and in the end it’s all good again: In September they released their 13th and self-titled album „Stratovarius“. During their tour stop in Hamburg in October the STALKER met singer Timo Koltipelto.

After being away for a few years due to internal problems, would you now say you are again one big happy family?
The family was fucked up but now it’s a happy family again. It’s actually better than before the shit happened. Timo’s illness is not so easy to comprehend, in the past it was difficult since we were not aware of this and now it’s easier that we are.

Are you still planning to carry on with your solo career or will you carry on with Stratovarius exclusively?
At the moment I’m concentrating on Stratovarius as long as this tour goes on but I’ll be back in Finland after the tour and compose some new stuff. If all goes well maybe for next autumn. I’m not in a rush, the songs have to be good, the album has to be good as well. If not it doesn’t make sense to release it.

Will there be another Stratovarius release or is this a one-off?
We are planning to record next year but it won’t come out next year. I don’t know if he has any new songs yet or not.

Are you planning to stay on the new direction or are you returning to the roots?
That’s a good question, I have no fucking clue what’s going on in Timo’s mind. He didn’t plan these songs to be different. For sure this divided the fans, some like it and some don’t. At least we made the step and we can always go back. It’s up to Timo, he decides when it comes to writing the music.

Has keyboarder Jens Johansson blown up any toilets on this tour?
No he’s behaving on this tour, isn’t drinking and is maybe getting older. So far it’s only one toilet door and one backstage room. He doesn’t plan those things, they just happen.

How did you become the singer?
I was in Helsinki looking for a new band and they were looking for a new singer. I did three songs that are on Dreamspace and they said: “Welcome to the band.”

Author: Gabriele Palermo, Photo: Jonna Öhrnberg, Translation: Melanie Haack
Date: 2005-12-17

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