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Naglfar: Close to perfection

Naglfar stands for supreme Melodic Black Metal. Their new album "Téras" will surely prove this status again. Guitarist Marcus ´Vargher´ Norman took some time to answer our questions, read the result below.

Hey guys, I hope everything is alright with you. What can you tell us about your new album "Texas"? What does it mean to you? And why did we have to wait five years for a new album?
We had some member issues that naturally put us back some time. Also some of us were working while others were studying and our time schedules kept colliding. At some points it was more or less impossible to get together in the studio for weeks or even months. Of course we took our time in the studio as well in order to get as close to perfection as possible. With "Téras" we´ve managed to, once again, take the Naglfar-sound one step further and create something that will definitely please all fans of ours. It´s an album filled with what I´d like to call the traditional trademarks of Naglfar yet bringing some new and interesting ideas to the listener.

In my opinion, also the typical NAGLFAR- sound prevails again. But you are much more melodic than you were in "Hervest". How do you see that?
Personally I don´t consider the album to be more melodical than the previous releases, only more varied.

The drum parts were played by Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK), right? How did you just come to him?
Dirk was in town a year ago doing some drum clinics at a local festival and that´s when we met him. When we were looking for a drummer to help us out we thought of him. It was great to learn that he was interested and indeed he did an amazing job. He is one of the best drummers out there today so it was a pleasure working with him.

Where has the songwriting taken place? Have you worked it out as a full band? I ask, because there has been another line up change.
For the latest couple of albums most of the songwriting has been taking place in my studio. It´s an easy way of trying out different ideas and arrangements and is what works best for us. Usually all three of us are involved in the music while Kristoffer and Andreas are writing lyrics. The three of us has always been the creative force in the band so the lineup change didn´t make much of a difference really.

Nice cover! Who designed it? Is the cover related to the lyrics?
The artwork was made by Niklas Sundin, who also did the "Sheol" artwork. We had a basic idea but gave Niklas total creative freedom in order to produce the final result. It is more a reflection of the album title than the actual lyrics.

Of course, every band says that their new album represents the best of the band´s history. Would you personally also believe that "Téras" album is your best ever?
Yeah, we´ve put so much time into this and it turned out exactly the way we were aiming for so I´m more than pleased with it!

Okay, I think we have done so far. Thank you again for the interview and wish you much success with the album! If there is something else that you want to add, you can do that now!
I´d like to take this opportunity to thank you for showing interest in Naglfar and make sure to check out www.naglfar.net for news regarding upcoming shows and tours!

Author: Markus Seibel / medicine-mag.com, photos: Band
Date: 2012-05-13

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