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Kissin´ Dynamite: Mission Stadionrock

The Swabian Sleaze Rockers Kissin´ Dynamite are for many THE big hopefuls in the Hard´n´Heavy scene. The young band has just released their third album „Money, Sex & Power“ that insiders see as a chance for a big breakthrough or even reaching the Major League. After all, those guys were just teenagers (about 16) back then in 2008 when they released their debut „Steel Of Swabia“. STALKER managed to get hold of vocalist Hannes and guitarist Jim to find out more …

Griaß Godd& Moin,moin – and congratulations to the great new album "Money, Sex and Power", it´s a real killer that kicks ass, Hardrock with 80´s attitude and still up-to-date. For me it contains hits only, and it is my Glam/Sleaze highlight of the year so far!
Hannes & Jim:
THANKS.. thanks … cool !!!

Your new album also reached the German Top 50 charts – how do you feel about that....?
Hannes: That´s great, that was a big success for us all, and it was also something we had been working for. We wanted to reach the Top 50, and the fact that we really achieved our goal also gave us a lot of motivation, so that the tour is going well, too. Exactly that has been the case so far, and this is why we are very happy now...

The reviews must be overwhelming – or was there some „roughing up“, too??
Hannes: Ähhh ...roughing up!!!??? You mean if critics tore us to pieces???
Jim: … I think I can answer that one – it is pretty much 50/50, some like it, some don´t. Some people think it´s great music, some others on the other hand cannot stand it, and naturally we get „torn to pieces“ by those people – but that is cool... because if everybody liked us it would be so boring... and a certain controversy keeps the word spread, this is what it´s all about ...

How do you write such hit songs? What is the songwriting process like for Kissin´ Dynamite ?
Hannes: We start with the basic hook lines and cool riffs, well, that is our basis we are using to build up all the rest of the song. For example, when we start with a cool hook line, the lyrics are the very last ingredient. It´s rather the chorus bridge, where we fiddle around a lot still, and also the solo parts are the ones we leave for last. And you can hear that... we focus on "catchiness" and this is why the chorus and the hooks are so important...

"Money, Sex and Power" impresses with cool songs and a powerful production. The sound adds this certain something to make this a killer album. What can you tell us about the production process?
Jim: Well, this time we talked a lot before writing... we listened to music, we discussed it and asked ourselves, what is "Kissin´ Dynamite"............??? for what do we want to stand – in other words, we need our own style, which we also found, which is Sleaze Metal, and the result is "Money Sex & Power“. We had a lot of time, because our producers own the studio, thus we have a free work process, we don´t need to be finished with everything in 2 weeks or something. We had a chance to fiddle around with our songs, as there was time and no high studio fees, so we could enter the studio with a basic idea and then finish the song in the studio.

Which songs do you like most, which are the ones you enjoy the most playing live?
Hannes: We play the whole album live, therefore you can guess that we have a lot of fun playing everything live, still we need to make song choices. I think one of those that works well live is "I will be King", one of those songs that define the whole sound of " Money Sex & Power " as a whole, it has everything, this catchy hookline, the chorus, kickass-sound – simply this attitude that we want to express and want to celebrate.
Jim: ...I prefer "Road 27" ...
Hannes: ...!!?? ..ähh the song is called "Club 27 " !!!! (laughter)
Jim: err no … I mean "Forever 27 "..(laughs) … we hardly ever play that song, rather this Club 27..... and I did mean "Forever 27 "
Hannes: ...now I get it ...!!(*LOL*)

Who are your idols, back then and now? When listening to the new CD, it´s no big secret that giants like Mötley Crüe, W.A.S.P., Skid Row or AC/DC might have inspired you.
Hannes: Yes, sure, I always refer to our 2 main influences, first German Traditional Heavy Metal a la Accept and Scorpions, naturally, as they are from our motherland, and the other one – as you mentioned already - is US Sleazerock like Aerosmith , Skid Row , Mötley Crüe, Guns N Roses. And what we did was simply combining and mixing those basically totally different things, and this is why I think we created something new and original: "Sleazemetal not Sleazerock" , because we play everything so much heavier than all the stuff you know from the 80s in this genre.

What is the status Kissin´ Dynamite? How big are you in your home country, how is the feedback from abroad from fans and media? You released three great albums, so you should be quite popular, not only among insiders.
Jim: Yes, you are right, I share your opinion – and the healthy issue is that it´s getting better slowly, it´s going on and on and never stops – which is a very healthy development for the band and the future... nevertheless, we can tell it by numbers: our show in Balingen was sold out, 600 people, and we could have played another one, as twice as many fans wanted to get in. What a pity we couldn´t … and internationally it´s the same situation, we play at many festivals, e.g. Masters of Rock, in the afternoon at 15 h. This is so much better compared with the billing 2 years ago. Those are the little signs that show a band that they become more popular, which is very motivating.

When you play your hits " Metal Nation" or "Dinosaurs Are Still Alive", don´t you sometimes ponder over what might have been in the 80s – such stadion Rock potential, you might have sold millions of records back then in the USA...
Hannes: You might have a quick thought like that, but basically it´s wasted time thinking about that, because we cannot turn back the clock, but you have a point. Stadion Rock is dead nowadays, there are maybe 2-3 bands who can fill a stadion now – but they don´t play Sleazy, they have sold their souls to the devil. What we want to do is bringing Stadion Rock back, exactly with that sound. This is our mission. We have no idea if there´s a realistic chance, but we feel the urge and this is what highly motivates us, live and in the studio. We want to make it.

Do you have contcts to bands in the scene, e.g. Hardcore Superstar, Crash Diet, The Poodles etc.
Jim: Yeah sure, we occasionally meet at festivals, we also play together, e.g. with Crash Diet in Paris. Those are totally nice guys and I´d never see them as competitors ... Hardcore Superstar , Poodles etc. , those are old European bands who hold up the Sleaze flag high. We are a unit and hold up this flag together. We can make it together.

What are the future plans for Kissin´ Dynamite ?
Hannes: Becoming the biggest f***ing Rock´ N´ Roll Band in history. Seriously, we would like to play at all big festivals in the next 5 years, maybe even as headliners. We will play some festivals after our German club tour, in Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium etc. In autumn we will be on tour with Dragonforce, and this is important to push Kissin Dynamite also on international level. Then let´s see... the whole circle starts once again: a new album, a new tour etc. The „baby“ is growing and maturing.

You´ll be on German TV ( ZDF Morgenmagazin ) soon ...how did you get to do that?
Hannes&Jim: We´re simply that cool!

Finally, your Alltime Top Five Albums, and your new favorite song:
Mötley Crüe - Dr. Feelgood
Skid Row:- Slave to the Grind
AC/DC - Back in Black
Treat- Coup de Grace und ....Money, Sex & Power...

Guns N Roses Appetite For Distraction
Mötley Crüe -- Dr. Feelgood
Skid Row:- Slave to the Grind
AC/DC - Back in Black and also ...."Money, Sex & Power...

...... and your favorite song nowadays:
Hannes: .........!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!""""???????
Jim: I take over: Motörhead - Born to Raise Hell
Hannes: ........!!!!.........????....!!!!!....and yes ...Slash & Myles Kennedy - Starlight

Thank you for the interview and Keep it heavy and keep it hard...

Bandwebsite: www.kissin-dynamite.de

Upcoming Gigs:
06.06.12 Salzburg - Rockhouse (AT)
07.06.12 Bolzano - Rock n Roll Arena (IT)
08.06.12 Pegognaga - Pegorock Festival (IT)
23.06.12 Heerlen - Park City Festival (Bel)
29.06.12 Wilsingen - Motorradtreffen (Ger) Free!
14.07.12 Zlin - Masters of Rock Festival (CZ)
20.07.12 Trier - Outloud Festival (GER)
21.07.12 Pförring - Open Air (GER) FREE!
14.09.12 Mannheim - 7er Club (GER)
21.09.12 Bochum - Zeche (GER)
27.10.12 Wuppertal - Börsencrash Festival (GER)

Author: Guido Wegener, tansl. K.Weber, photos:Band
Date: 2012-06-04

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