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Project Hate MCMXCIX, The - their modest goal: world domination

The first thing which comes in my mind, talking about The Project Hate MCMXCIX is the high geared Christian hate of Lord K., and the sad fate of their producer Mieszko Talarczyk. Limiting this band to that and the fact that they are a well done random all-star band, would be insufficient. The STALKER talked for you with Jörgen Sandström (singer & co-founder) about those and other topics to get some more out of this unusual band.

Jörgen, could you deliver us insight regarding to personal attributes and characters of the band members?

Jörgen Sandström

About Kenth Philipson: aka Lord K. main songwriter and programmer. Founder of the band 1998, Plays Jackson guitars as his life depended on it. Would not piss on a Christians head if it was on fire.

About Jörgen Sandström: vocals and lyrics. Co founder of the band in 1998. Been friends with Lord K since 1992 when they got drunk during a Grave interview. Handled the vocals in Grave in the early days, and bass in Entombed in the later days. Also a member of Vicious Art, Krux and Dödsdom.

About Petter S. Freed: guitarist in TPH, co writer of demonic riffs with Lord K. Joined the band some years ago. Stoner. Poker player. Hater. Also a member of 2 ton Predator.

Jonna Enckell

About Jonna Enckell: vocals and Lyrics. Batcage, cute, chocolate.

About Michael Håkansson: bass player that just joined TPH. Great musician skills that added remarkable depth on the new record, AME. Also a member of Evergrey. Hairy chest, excellent bass player, awesome guy.

What was the reason that two band leaders would join forces as one band?
We had already been in Leukemia together... but then I got too busy with Entombed so Leukemia kinda faded out. Lord K started his new band, Deadmarch, and recorded one album. He ran into some problems with releasing it and with the other members so he contacted me to do a demo. That demo developed into creating the band and recording an album. We had talked for years to start something up from scratch together but that didn´t happen this time either... but close...

Kenth Philipson, aka Lord K.

Was it easy to find other members to join you and follow your vision to fulfil the concept of the band?
Kind of as we had some members come and go over the years. But the main foundation has been me and Lord K. And to be honest, Lord K as the main songwriter and all has the most saying in this band, haha... He chose who should be in the band or not. But if I disagree, he will listen, and then refuse my wish...

Jörgen, what does your second band Entombed mean to you and aren´t there overlaps?
This may come as a surprise to you, but I quit Entombed 2 years ago... But in the past, no, it never came to any situations where the other band had to suffer... TPH were never meant to be a band that we would bring out on tour etc. It was a mutual decision from day one.

What qualities does Jonna Enckell have in comparison with former vocalist Mia Ståhl and how did you find her?
I think that Lord K has a friend that know a friend that knows Jonna and so she got approached by him to send him some demos and shit. They found each other instantly and they work very well together. I have only met Jonna twice, on 2 live shows that we did, so I don´t know her very well or how she works. I think Jonna is a bit more dramatic in her vocals, and a lot more varied as well, then Mia was. Mia was more of a singer/songwriter kinda girl.

Michael Håkansson

What was your first reaction when you heard the news about Mieszko Talarczyk (he was one of the Tsunami victims – the editors)? In which way did he work with the band?
The worst part with that situation for me was that we didn´t know what happened to him. It took weeks before they found his body and it was just terrible. I miss him a lot. He was a guy I could call and instantly get in a good mood. But it was definitely harder on Lord K and Petter as they lived in the same town and were close friends... The way he worked was like this: K, press this button when you wanna record and press this one when to stop. Then he took off and came back the next day, hahaah... He was great!

If you are looking back on your band career now, are they some times you just reflect the past times and think it all over again?
No. Every record and live show we did had its moment and was done during a period of time where we felt; THIS IS IT! And that continues today with the stuff we do today. We don´t look back in regrets or to get inspiration. We keep ourselves in the moment when it comes to TPH. The only time we look back on our career is when we say that next album will destroy all our earlier stuff.

After five releases and seven years of band history, what keeps you continue working, what keeps you motivated? Is there an unknown secret to keep the ideas still fresh?
World Domination. That is it. Period.

Do you have a kind of life philosophy?
No, I haven´t found anyone yet... I live for the day, still...if that is a philosophy I don´t know. It seems a bit to easy to be a philosophy...

Reflecting the problems you had with your first label, did you ever think this was a stone in your way or a test of strength?
Seriously, I think all small labels have their weak spots and that is just how it is. Small labels don´t have money to make everything run smooth and so on... If someone finds a label where everything works smoothly and they fulfil all your wishes with sales under 10 000 records, feel free to contact us, haha...

Is the bands fan base growing with every release or are you staying at the same level?
Definitely growing!! We get emails from new fans all the time telling us that we are the best they have heard etc. Our fans are very dedicated to the band.

Was extreme music an influence since the beginning or did you start with another style and find your way to this genre by coincidence?
I was 6 years old when my mom bought me Kiss Destroyer. And from that on I loved distorted guitars and pounding drums. Then I got into Judas Priest... Iron Maiden... WASP.... Metallica...Slayer...Celtic Frost...Death...Morbid Angel...Napalm Death... I think that summons it up pretty good. Nowadays I listen to mostly Death Metal and Black Metal...still...

What is the reason for not having any touring plans or live gigs in the near future?
We cannot re-produce the songs live as good as we want to. Therefore we will not play any live shows at all. Maybe one day...

What does The Project Hate have planned for 2006?
As always we try to spread our music as much as we can. We want people to spread our album to friends etc. If you can´t afford to buy the album for your friend, make a copy of it, we don´t care, just spread it. World Domination. No one can stop us!

Author: Gabriele Palermo, Photos: hfr., translation: Melanie Kircher
Date: 2006-01-01

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