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CATAMENIA: Running with wolves

During those 17 years of their history, CATAMENIA from Oulu, Finland, have developed into a well respected melodic black metal band. With their new compilation-album – the 10th release in their long career - they make a time travel and also introduce the new members. Live they just recently rocked the Tuska festival jatkoklubi-stage at Helsinki´s Virgin Oil Club. Riku and Juha-Matti found some time to talk with us...

Hi guys! Have you always been planning a compilation album? How did you get that idea?
Juha-Matti: It´s a great way for us to show that we´re still the same band, even with the new line-up, and to start a new chapter in Catamenia´s music.
Riku: We already planned to record this compilation album with the previous line-up sometime around 2009, but the unfortunate events occured within the band. But it seems these bad things which happened turned out be very well in the end, because now the compilation album got totally new and fresh sound with the new line-up and some new fresh ideas. Also I think with the old line-up we would still be missing keyboards.

Juha-Matti Perttunen - Vocals
Riku Hopeakoski - Guitars & backing vocals
Mikko Hepo-oja - Bass
Toni Qvick - Drums and clean vocals
Sauli Jauhiainen - Guitars
Jussi Sauvola – Keyboards

How difficult was it really to choose songs from the remaining Catamenia albums, to provide the best possible overview of the band´s career?
Juha-Matti: It was kinda easy to choose the songs, because we´ve been playing some songs from all the albums live during the last year or so. So we´ve actually made the choices when we were building up our setlist.
Riku: Also some of the songs were voted inside the band, because othervise the album would have included somewhat around 100 songs, heheh. But it was actually pretty easy task to decide the songs. Also one criteria in this album was that it has to include at least one song from our whole discography, so that braught some interesting historic aspect into it as well.

How did you come up with the idea, to cover a Bon Jovi song? Quite unusual, but good ...
Juha-Matti: It was Riku´s idea. One day he just asked us that could we do that one and everyone was like why the hell not. It turned out great and we definitely made it sound like Catamenia.
Riku: Yeah, itself the song idea came from me, but the idea to cover Bon Jovi song came from our drummer Toni, if I recall it right.

Have you ever really thought that CATAMENIA would exist for more than 17 years and get very much respect in the melodic black metal scene?
Riku: When we formed and started this band sometime around mid 90’s with our ex-vocalist Mika Tönning, I could not even think this far in the future. I remember when I was damn happy to record the demos, but then suddenly we were signed to Massacre Records in 1997 to record our debut album and the next albums after that, and still we’re walking on that same path. Of course many things have happened during these years - some bad, but definitely the major of the memories are damn great – and of course there are many wonderful years still to come, though at some point I almost gave up. But the new guys in the band braught me the joy in playing again and now Iam damn freaking glad that I did not quit the band then.

Bonus question: If we would make a movie to the music of Catamenia, what movie or what genre would it be?
Juha-Matti: I think it would be some sort of post-apocalyptic adventure in the cold northern Finland. With nature taking over the crumbling ruins of civilization and of course packs of wolves roaming around with what´s left of mankind.


Author: Markus Seibel / medicine-mag.com, photos: Band
Date: 2012-07-17

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