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Winterstorm: The world of music is inexhaustible

The German location Bayreuth is for many probably not really connected with Heavy Metal – but there´s a band which might be able to change that. "Kings Will Fall", the successor of the 2010 debut “A Coming Storm” caught our attention (review here) , therefore we caught up with the guys to ask them a few questions...

„Kings Will Fall“ is your second album which is amazing in my opinion. What is different in comparison to the predecessor?
Thank you! I think we just evolved, this is how it goes. We have much more developed our own style and reduced the amount of Folk a bit, although we kept the Nordic melodies. The production became a bit fresher and the sound is better because we have gained more experience about things that count. And this time we put a lot of effort into chorus vocals, which is something you can clearly notice.

I think th album is even MORE melodic and energetic than the debout and there are also new elements. Could you describe how it was to work on new material and still not repeating yourselves?
Once gain thanks! When you´ve just released an new album, you first fear that you cannot come up with new stuff any more for the next one. Thins that sound new but still fit your style and stuff that excites people. In such a phase we are now as we wrap our minds around the next album.
But when you have the first ideas, you feel relieved and it is fun to create a new track. You try out something new and you realize quickly what will work.
And as you said, you have to be careful not to repeat yourself. First you have to ask yourself if this has been done before. And then there are the colleagues in the band who scan the new stuff. 10 ears are better than 2 J. But I think that your second album is not too much a danger of repetition. The world of music is virtually inexhaustible... you can take different melodies, different tempi, different keys, different instrumentation, different registers. You have to consider the fact that we have had 300 years of great music already and still there´s new stuff coming, therefore we can be facing the future with confidence and we´ll surely release a few more albums, without sounding stale.

The cool thing about WINTERSTORM is the fact that – naturally – you sound like BLIND GUARDIAN and HAMMERFALL & Co but still hsave your own style. What is the secret of your success?
Good question. A band is just like a company or a new invention. You got to create something new or you take something that already exists and change it in a certain way, so that something new is shaped. We don´t want to sound like other bands. We just make a song the way it comes up, the way we like. And then I think we are lucky to have some talent for writing melodies that might stylistically go with Blind Guardian or Hammerfall but are still our own.

Could you tell us a bit about therecording/mixing/mastering process?
Oh my ... I could easily write 20 pages about that. It worked like this: first we recorded the drums, which was done by our drummer at the place of the Orden Ogan front man (Seeb). At the same time I recorded our singer Alex in my own studio. He had a demo tape for rehearsing. Then we recorded the guitars at my place, then the bass. Then all background vocals and choirs. We sometimes had 24 vocal tracks for a song. Finally I added keyboards and orchestra. After editing it all, the biggest part was mixed by Orden Ogan´s Seeb in coordination with us and then mastered by Ulrich Friedel (Church Mastering). The whole process took 3 months.

You have a favorite song on the CD? Which track could you recommend to people who don´t know you yet?
I think the majority of the band would choose „The Stormsons“ as their favorite. For people who don´t know us yet, „Dragonriders“ can be recommended. This song contains everything we represent.

Are there any rather unknown bands from your area that you would recommend?
Sure...Serpent Sin and I Spit Ashes, we have a little tour with them in the end of October/November.

”Famous last words?”
We reply with the famous last words of Winterstorm: STAY STORMY!


Author: Markus Seibel, transl. K.Weber, photos: Band
Date: 2012-10-08

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