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Metalety: Soundtrack of the apocalypse

A few weeks ago, the newbies of Metalety released their album ``Radio Apocalypse`` which offers much more than any other record released in the Power / Thrash Metal underground ( review here ). More enough reason enough to chat with singer and guitarist Benny a bit in order to find out more.

Please introduce yourselves. Who are you and where are you from?
I am Benny, singer and rhythm guitar player of Metalety. On bass we have Grindbart, Julian on lead guitars and Sven on the drums. We are a Metal band from Castrop-Rauxel, a city in the West of Germany. We just released our new record ``Radio Apocalypse``.

How would you describe the sort of Metal you play?
This is allways a difficult question. We never focused or determined on one particular style of music until today. We just play what we are able to and what we like. If I would have to put our music in a certain genre, I would say that it is a mixture of Thrash and Power Metal. But it is allways difficult to explain our music by words, so everybody should listen to it to get an idea of it.

Where do you see the differences between your current release ``Radio Apocalypse`` and your debut album ``March to Hell``?
The new record is much more diversified and melodic and it offers a lot more details than ``Marcht o Hell``. Also the vocals offer more facets and have become more flexible. The reason might be within the general development we made as musicians and also because Julian recently joined us and brought some new ideas into our songwriting. ``March to Hell`` is still a good album to me, but it reflects our musicianship we had at that time. I am still proud of it, but I have to say that ``Radio Apocalypse`` has much more to offer.

What do you mean with ``Radio Apocalypse``?
This record is our soundtrack to the upcoming apocalypse, haha. It will not take much time until the whole world is in flames. Such a scenario needs musical support: our ``Radio Apocalypse``, haha!

You recorded a video clip for `Puging Flames`, which is quite unusual for a band of your size. How did you manage it and what do you expect from it?
There is a lot of do-it-yourself and of course hard work of all members involved. Oliver Fries, the producer of the video, did everything to make a low budget video that does not look liek low budget. And he was really successfull.
It is quite certain that we as an underground band will not get a million clicks or something, but we just wanted to do it and then you have to put a lot of work into it to make it great.

You did not tour a lot in the past. What can we expect with ``Radio Apocalypse``?
We are planning some huge thing for 2013. But it depends on many factors if it all will work out. We are optimistic, but please keep your fingers crossed for us!


Author: Timo Pässler, Photos: Band
Date: 2012-10-14

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