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Pain: “We´re idiots!”

Never had the opportunity to watch a concert of the crazy industrial metal band Pain? Well, you´ll be able to live the experience from your living room, since the band has just released a live DVD “ We Come In Peace”, ..or you can also try to catch them on stage during their upcoming European Tour which has just started. When Pain was back in Finland with Turmion Kätilöt for the mini tour “Kidneys To The Limits”, we got the opportunity to chat with Peter Tägtgren before the Helsinki show. Even though he was obviously tired, he kindly answered our questions.

You´re on tour with Turmion Kätilöt on the “Kidneys To The Limits Tour”. It´s not the first time you play with them, since they opened up for Pain last year in Europe. How is touring with Turmion Kätilöt ?
It´s great. They opened for us last year in Europe and we said let´s do something again together. We decided that since Finland is their home country, they should be the headliner. It´s going to be a lot of fun.

What are your expectations for this small tour ?
I don´t know, just to have a good time. We´ve already done a Finnish tour, so now we´re changing the set-list a little bit, since we´re opening up we do a one-hour set. We just try to squeeze everything in as much as possible into one hour and to really enjoy ourselves as much a possible.

On November, 2nd your new DVD “We Come In Peace” will be released. The trailer is already out and it´s pretty funny. Can you tell us more about its content ?
There´s two concerts and there´s a lot a lot crazy cuts. There´s one club gig in Stockholm, it was the ending of the last tour we did with the album. We decided to film it, because we had our stage set like when we toured in Europe and we wanted to capture it. When we watched it we thought that it looked great, that it sounded good, but that it was boring, so we started putting crazy stuff between every song, and then it started to get funnier. After a while, we thought that it wasn´t good enough, so we decided to include a performance at a festival, you know, with the crazy crowd on a Saturday night, so we did that as well, and now I think I would buy the DVD if I was a fan, so I´m satisfied. It was so boring with just one concert.

So that´s why you decided to add some extra material?
Yeah, and there´s also a stupid photo gallery and shitload of photos, some of them are very old ! A lot of fun stuff.

How much were you involved in the editing process ? Did you give any guidelines to the director ?
The director filmed the whole show, he clipped together everything and it was fine, but we said it´s boring, you know. So then I started calling everyone in the band, asking them if they had stupid shit on their Iphones that could be featured on the DVD and everybody came up with lots of stuff. There´s no censor ! ( laughs)

How does “ We Come In Peace” differ from “Overrated” which was released in 2005 ?
The problem was with that DVD that we made with a Polish company and Universal was that it was really not my cup of tea . The concert looked very weird..
There is a big, big difference. Our new DVD is professional and it looks so much better, it has nothing to do with “Overrated”.

The cover as well as the title remind me of Mars Attacks... Tell us more about it.
Yeah, kind of. We´re idiots, I mean we have a good intention when we come... The whole title is ironic because we usually don´t come in peace ! We try, but after too much drinking everything breaks.

Do you think that nowadays bands have to come up with something more than just an album ? That bands need to provide fans with extra material, new formats ?
Yeah I guess so, because otherwise they just download the album. It definitely kicks the band in the ass to release something special. It´s not about just releasing an album and that´s it anymore. It´s also good for the customers, they know they´ll get something good. For albums, you won´t come up with just a black and white cover, you have to come up with something special in the booklet nowadays.

You play in both Pain and Hypocrisy. You´re the main man in Pain. In Pain, do you express stuff that other band members won´t allow you to include in Hypocrisy ?
I think I´m the main man in both bands, it´s just a different side of me. Hypocrisy is more for the metal crowd, it´s more aggressive, and Pain is more for the party crowd. With Pain of course there´s no limits. If I want to do a blues song, I do a blues song, if I want to do a dance song, I go for it. With Hypocrisy I want to stay in metal, I don´t want to change anything. I don´t want to hear Hypocrisy playing some industrial or commercial stuff.

What do you find in Pain that you don´t find in Hypocrisy ?
Clean vocals, lots of keyboard and industrial wave. Well, we also have some melody in Hypocrisy with the keyboard as well, but it´s in a different way. Even if I write most of the stuff in both bands, it´s hard to keep them 100% separated.

In 2011, you recored the song “My Angel” with the French singer Cécile Siméone and the result turned out to be great. That collaboration was pretty unexpected, since her musical background is different from yours. Tell us more about it.
I met her through a mutual friend. He talked to me about her, her career, she´s famous on TV in France, she´s also a model and she was working on a solo album and she wanted some more rock elements in her music..we did the song, it was fine !

Soon you´re going on European tour with Moonspell and Swallow The Sun. Are you excited about it and do you like some of the bands ?
Well I haven´t heard too many bands. As for Moonspell, we met in 1995 or something, so I know the guys and we always have a good time when we meet on festivals etc. It´s gonna be a good time, it´s not going to be so serious

As a producer, do you still have time to produce some albums now ?
Right now I´m actually here in Finland producing the new Amorphis album, so there is not much time ! Yeah I try here and there, but not as much as I used to, because I don´t have time anymore. I produce albums for friends or if the album feels good to me.

Thanks for your time !
I hope to see you all somewhere during the tour !


Author: Marine, transl. K.Weber, photos: Denis Goria
Date: 2012-11-07

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