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Insex: “Perfect art got all the 5 senses”

Inspired by Nine Inch Nails, HIM and the King Elvis Presley, Mantis, Vigos, NED and Trevor want to create something new with their music. While the band name is playing a bit with Rock clichés, the Italians usually deal with the topic of Amore. At this year´s Trash Fest VI in autumn those guys will not only play at the festival but also perform an acoustic show. How this band came together and how they ended up with the Mama Trash family - singer Mantis Le Sin fills us in.

Hey Mantis, how are you doing? Thanks a lot for your time. Could you first of all introduce the band and its members for the people who don’t know you yet?
Ciao! We´re an Italian alternative band, modern rockelectro hard rock
u glam, don´t know how to label... I am the voice, Vigos guitar, Trevor bass and Ned drums.

When and why did you begin to make music and form this band, how did you meet each other?
My very beginning was with a HIM tribute! Great memories... I play with The InSex since 2009, I met Vigos during the tribute years, now we have a recording studio live club together. Trevor just from 3 years, he applied on internet when I was looking for a guitar player, then applied for the bass player, so I decided to take him in before the drummer research... and Ned is the last one, 1 year, met ... I can´t really remember...!

The style of music that you are doing is very hard to describe, as it is so various. How would you describe it yourself?
Actually I can´ t say. We are modern, industrial oriented but bound to the 80´s rock. Someone said Nu Glam and I admit I like it.

Why did you choose the name InSex?
Insects sounds too NERD, so... ;)

Everyone of you is styled and taking care of looks etc. How important is the image to a band and especially how important is it to you?
Imagine yourself as a chef. Would you prefer to make a good dish or a good and colored visual dish? I think is the same... The perfect art got all the 5 senses... we are trying to reach the best.

You just released video for the song “Nothing” (http://youtu.be/Ebe9EbQpQio ). What can you tell us about it?
Well, I can say we were inspired by the movie "Fight Club". Perfect fit for the gig in Bologna where we presented the clip after the show ´cause we played @ Fight Clubbing.

You also released a couple of album previews. When will the record be ready? Do you have a name for it already?
We are in studio mixing the tracks, actually we are going to write two new songs during this summer. The name? No idea! When the album will be out? No idea! We are walking a different path than the usual musical way... let´s see what happening.

Who is responsible for the songwriting ?
For the music we are all involved, everyone of us can have a input, a idea or an entire song. About the lyrics usually I am the one but when someone writes an idea, he could have a "topic" in mind, so I try to follow the mood and write it down.

You covered the song “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis. Why this song?
Every rock band should make a tribute to the King. We did in a modern electric way, the way we like it.

Can you tell us a bit more about the Electro/Industrial Rock Scene in Bologna? Is there any scene for this kind of music or is it hard to get possibilities to play gigs?
I´m afraid Italy really sucks on that thing.... Bologna, a cool city to live, great parties like RockFashion and Decadence, but the live scene is zero since around 10 years. Torino for what I see is my favorite rock city in Italy.

In case our readers will be visiting Bologna, which places should they check out? Any nice bars, and restaurants or places etc. you can recommend for sightseeing?
Bologna is wonderful in every spot. It´s the mother of the University, got greens and arts... If you are going to Bologna, contact me on Facebook, really I´ll give you some advice or I can take you to my favorite bar!

You guys will be playing at Trash Fest VI this year in Finland. Are you exited yet? Is it the first gig abroad? What are you looking forward to the most?
It´s not the 1st gig abroad, but if I had to choose a country, it would be Finland! We are looking for a way and a place to play the music for what we have in mind, and that can´t be Italy. For the most the target or dream is L.A., for us it is Helsinki.

You also play a acoustic show there at Bar Base on Sunday 6th October. Have you ever played an acoustic gig before? How much work is it to arrange the songs in a acoustic version?
Arrange powerful songs like "Nothing" or "Hindu" or "666" is a lot of work. But we like it, it´s a challenge which we win easily! I adore playing acoustic; the voice in this kind of show always got the most difficult job. If I have to understand if a singer is good or not, I just listen to the acoustic set.

How did you meet Mama Trash and become a Trash Family Artist? .
When I felt we got the right sound, I sent an email to Mama Trash, she replied very soon something like "wow I love it". She is also a very nice person, so yeah, we are in.

What are your goals, dreams, what do you want to achieve with your music?
The cool things about the goals is that they always change. Years ago it was ”just don´t be so awful in singing”, and trust me I was off-key like hell. Next was to have a band, then a good band, then play live in my city, then Italy... now is Europe... next year? Who knows? :)

Is there a question you always wanted to be asked, but never been asked so far?
Yes. "We have the chance to arrange for you a date with Jessica Alba, next Sat. 8 pm. Confirm?"

Any last words for the fans?
When life gives you lemon... take salt and Tequila!

Thanks a lot for your time and see you in October.

Author: Sandy Mahrer, photos: Band
Date: 2013-06-28

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