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Electric Eel Shock - madness from Japan

Japan, the land of the descending sun... land of introverted and silent people... land of meditation... land of silence... bullshit! Japan has a lot to offer what might ridicule the average travel information. And one of those special highlights is definitely the music of those three Japanese guys who caused some turbulence also across the borders of Asia.

As support for the Bloodhound Gang they already attracted our attention, because only few opening acts convince with such a lot of enthusiasm and entertainment-elements on stage. When their solo-tour was due we didn´t hesitate: The guys have to be in STALKER! Who expects an informative and serious interview now, there is a warning. Electric Eel Shock are totally crazy, and so was our conversation. But just read what Aki (Voc. & Guitar), Kazuto (Bass) and Gian (Drums) got to tell.

Hey guys, nice you found time to talk a bit with us.

So tell me how you came to form a band. What was the reason, the basis?
Aki: Kazuto and I noticed that we are gay and there was nothing more suitable than an outing via music.

Hmm, do I have to understand that now?
Kazuto: Well, it´s like that: We wanted to express ourselves by music, but as we both are so shy but were so much in love, I point out: were, that seemed to be the best way!
Aki: Great, now you start again to drag our relationship problems to the public eye...
Kazuto: Don´t be such a sissy.

Ok guys, just a moment, it´s difficult to follow you...
Aki: Music is our life and as our relationship went down the drains anyway, we can focus even more on the music. Maybe some day we even have some kind of success with it... Kazuto is so jealous and always thinks that I would cheat on him...
Kazuto: But you do...

How about you, Gian? Isn´t it difficult to work efficiently in such a constellation...
Gian: Well it´s okay, those two mostly just don´t talk to each other.
Kazuto: Well Gian is the neutral person in the band.

That sounds like real relationship problems. Have you ever considered family therapy?
Aki: No, no time for that. We are always on tour...

Yes it´s true that you are long and often on the road. What do your families say to that?
Kazuto: They are happy that we are far away, everything is much more conservative in Japan. They don´t know how to handle our sound.
Aki: My family never say any of our shows.

This is very unusual. After all you´re around since 1999.
Gian: Yeah, and then also our first world tour started, and we are always on the road since then. But this is like my life should be, I cannot imagine anything better.
Aki: Yeah we got used to it, spending the nights in stinking hotel rooms. (all laugh)

Where are your musical roots?
Kazuto: Oh, it starts with Black Sabbath to Twisted Sister, Van Halen, Rainbow, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, WASP. RATT, Aerosmith...
Aki: Queensryche, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne Band, Motörhead, Guns and Roses, Mötley Crue...
Gian: We see ourselves as a Multi-Mix-Band, with influences from different Sub-Genres, from classic Rock, Punk and Metal and a bit Glam...

Yes, and as variable as your style is also your stage presence...
Aki: I know what you try to say: We are crazy! And you are right! On stage you have to give everything, and only if you are completely out of your mind yourself you can carry the audience away.

That sounds convincing. What do you do to relax?
Aki: I really enjoy fishing, and I also write for the biggest Japanese fisherman-magazine. Fishing is great, there a man can still be a man...

Wasn´t that hunting?
Kazuto: Aki defines „being masculine“ slightly differently...

Oh, not that again. Let´s change the subject: What inspires your songwriting?
Gian: Aliens!!!
Aki: Exactly!

OK, some more details please...
Aki: I got an antenna for up there and sometimes, when I open my ears I receive inspiration... there are voices that tell me what to do, and I stick to that....

OK guys, perhaps you are really on tour way too long. Many thanks for this exciting interview.

By the way: Those guys are not gay but even married, and in presence of their wives really cute ...

Author: Jasmin Froghy, Photos: hfr., translation: Klaudia Weber
Date: 2006-02-05

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