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Noctum: Inspiration drawn from life

With a sound dedicated to heavy 70s “retro”, it took Noctum only a few months after their formation to find labels for the debut album release, and soon the Swedes also raised the attention of Metal Blade. Their debut for this US label released end of 2013, Final Sacrifice, tells a fictional horror story where each song communicates a portion of the overall narrative . Drummer Fredrik Jansson tells us more about the band.

Could you tell us about the time before signing to Metal Blade Records, what bands were you playing in?
The other guys played mostly in local bands in Uppsala. I was in Abramis Brama, Witchcraft and Count Raven before I joined them.

When was Noctum formed - how did you meet the other members?
Noctum was formed in 2009 by Tobbe (bass) and David (guitar, vox) and drummer Gustaf and a guitarist named Per. After the debutalbum The Séance and the ep "The Fiddler", Per was replaced by Danne Johansson. I joined in 2013 and we recorded "Final Sacrifice". Danne quit the band earlier this year and is now replaced with Cribbe, who happens to be a spot on lookalike of a young King Diamond.

Any bands playing in your country nowdays that you like?
Sure, there is many good bands in Sweden, lot´s of shitty ones as well... but bands like Troubled Horse, Spiders, Horisont, Abramis Brama, Imperial State Electric, Graveyard, Bombus, Pyramido, Switchblade are really good in my opinion. I could namedrop at least 50 more bands, but that would be boring.

Who are some of your influences in metal?
The obvious ones would be: Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Witchfinder General, Candlemass, Mercyful Fate, Angel Witch and so on...

Are you a studier of occultism?

Will Noctum be playing any live dates soon?
Yup. We are playing in Denmark next weekend at the Heavydays in Doomtown-festival. After that we have a few festivalgigs booked in Sweden and Germany this summer.

What are the future plans for the band?
Right now we are trying to book as many shows as possible. We really want to tour as much as we can on this album before we start writing another one.

Any Noctum side projects that you wish to tell us about?
Tobbe and Cribbe is playing in a band called Blade. It´s more Heavy Metal than Noctum, pretty cool stuff.
I have a couple of other bands, one is called Lugnet (70´s bluesrock) and another one called Atlantic Tide (with people from Unleashed, Terra Firma). We released two 7" last year.

Do you enjoy playing different types of rock and metal?
I enjoy playing all kinds of music, not saying that I can play everything. It makes you grow as a musician if you try different things.

Who is the main writer for Noctum - where do you find inspiration to write?
David wrote the music for Final Sacrifice and him and Tobbe did the lyrics.
Inspiration comes from books, movies, death, destruction, sex and life itself.

Thank you so much for the interview. Take care!!!


Author: John Wisniewski, transl.K.Weber, photos: Band
Date: 2014-05-18

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