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Deicide: Sheer determination

Currently the band is shattering North America on their ´In The Minds Of Evil´ Tour 2014 (with special guests Septic Flesh, Inquisition, Abysmal Dawn, Carach Angren), but in a few days Deicide will also lay waste to Europe, continuing their tour with Svart Crown and Sawthis as support acts (see tourdates below). And there are rumours about a new Deicide album in the making... Luckily guitarist Kevin Quirion found some time in his busy schedule to fill us in.

When did you join Deicide,and what was the first band that you played in?
I´ve been playing live with them for 5 or 6 years now. Just became a member on the In The Minds Of Evil album (which was released exactly a year ago, the ed.).
My first band was Council Of The Fallen, with Derek Roddy on drums. We´re going to be recording again soon. I also have another band with Steve from Deicide called Order Of Ennead.

Any new bands out there, that you Deicide and yourself like?
I´ve discovered some pretty good bands this year. Winter Of Sin has a good album out. Listening to Devilment lately. It´s Cradle Of Filth´s singer´s other band. Newest Kampfar has some good tunes on it. Steel Panther and Alestorm´s new albums are both really good. New Cannibal Corpse is pretty brutal. Got to hear the new Carach Angren while on tour with them and that´s going to be a good one.  Garfunkel And Oates has some funny songs also. Just saw them in Tampa.

Who are some of your favorite metal bands?
Amon Amarth, Cradle Of Filth, Carpathian Forest, Dark Tranquility, Nevermore and System Of A Down. Really digging Carach Angren and Septicflesh on the tour we´re on now.

What was your impression of lead singer Glen Benton when you met? Were you a fan of Deicide?
The band was a favorite of mine growing up. The self titled and Once Upon The Cross were big impressions on the early days. I´m playing songs I grew up listening too. I bought the first album 3 times in audio cassette version because I listened to it so much.

Any strange incidents at any of the Deicide live shows?
Nothing really that comes to mind. There was this douchebag skin head guy causing problems in Newport, Kentucky, on this last run. Most people want to go and enjoy a show. Some people want to go out and look for trouble. The pit is for slam dancing and not getting into a fight. Stay home if you don´t know how to enjoy yourself without ruining other peoples´ night.

Do you do any songwriting when you have free time?
Yes. All the time. I have a backlog of songs that I´m working on getting finished. Some will turn into Deicide songs. Others will be Council Of The Fallen, Order Of Ennead or different projects I´m involved with.

What has kept the band going for so many years?
Just determination and what else are they going to do. As long as people show up to the shows, the band will continue.

Any Deicide side projects that you may like to tell us about?
Yes. Steve Asheim and myself have another band called Order Of Ennead. We have 2 albums out and plan on doing an EP sometime early in 2015.
I also have another band called Council Of The Fallen with Derek Roddy on drums. Drums and guitars are already tracked for that. We are redoing some songs from our first album that came out years ago.
I´m also doing a couple songs with Robin from The Amenta. We don´t have a name for the project yet, but the songs are sounding pretty killer.
Also, I´m doing solos on my friend´s band, Shadow Society. That will be early 2015 also. So I try to keep busy. Hahaha

´In The Minds Of Evil´ Tour 2014
29/11/2014 Eindhoven, Dynamo
30/11/2014 Alkmaar, Podium Victorie
01/12/2014 London, Underworld
02/12/2014 Trier, Exhaus
03/12/2014 Essen, Turock
04/12/2014 Liège, Salle de Renaissance
05/12/2014 Geiselwind, Music Hall
06/12/2014 Annaberg-Buchholz, Alte Brauerei
08/12/2014 Wien / Vienna, Szene
09/12/2014 Pratteln, Z7
10/12/2014 München, Backstage
11/12/2014 Albignasego, Work In Progress Live Club
12/12/2014 Rome, Traffic
13/12/2014 Milano, Trezzo Sull’Adda
14/12/2014 Prato, Exenzia
15/12/2014 Ljubljana, Gala Hala
16/12/2014 Ostrava, Barrak Music Club
17/12/2014 Katowice, Mega Club
18/12/2014 Poznan, Eskulap
19/12/2014 Wroclaw, Alibi
20/12/2014 Warsaw, Progresja

Author: John Wisniewski, transl. K.Weber, photo: Band
Date: 2014-11-24

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