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Days We Are Even: US Sound from Switzerland

People who listen to Days We Are Even for the first time would rather place them in the USA than in small sleepy Switzerland. When it comes to Metal, there´s not much going on in Switzerland, yet this might have changed since the band released their debut „Himalaya“. The band from Zurich just released their second album, which means it´s perfect timing for having a closer look at them.

Hello guys, your band has been around since 2011, but could you introduce it to those people who don´t know anything about you?
Four Dudes who come together regularly to make music and who think their sound is cool. This does not make us any different from any other band, but that´s OK.

How come a German, a Brazilian and a Swiss make music together? I assume you all come from Zurich and you had been in other bands before?
That´s right. We know each other from early childhood. Therefore this genuine feeling of friendship is deeply rooted in the band, held together by the joy of creating sound, and not necessarily by the urge to be successful.

I have to admit that you don´t get to hear much from you in the area of Basel, how come, do you prefer to play around Zurich or what are the reasons?
Naturally we focus to spread our sound into all directions. Probably we have not quite raised the attention of the right people near Basel yet. But this is about to change ;)

You released your debut „Himalaya“ in 2013, after only 2 years band history. Was that a difficult process to get such an album together or was it more difficult to create the second one?
No, it was quite easy due to regular rehearsals and enough enthusiasm. Moreover, a friend owns a studio, located in the same building, which we were allowed to use for the recordings. This was a huge advantage, timewise and financially.

After your debut „Himalaya“ you released your second album „Head into the Fire“ in October. Are the songs on „Head into the Fire“ the left-overs of the debut or were those songs written after that?
Both. Yet HITF is not a B-side of Himalaya, in case this was your question. Several songs were created at the same time, but they had been planned for the second album already.

When you receive such awesome reviews for the debut, how much pressure do you feel as a band creating the second album?
Come what may. Naturally we hope to receive positive feedback in the future. It is always interesting to hear how our creation is reflected on from the outside, even when the result might be negative. We are nevertheless more than satisfied with the production.

It is easy to notice that you are inspired by US music. What was the reason that you chose this genre and which bands inspired you to become musicians yourselves?
Difficult to say. We had always have the same musical interests as a band. However, the private musical tastes differ. Our songs are basically a mixture of different genres. This is why we´ve never really referred directly to another band. The mixture of all ingredients is also very important, and you cannot avoid being labelled at some point. Summing up, who likes Stone Sour or Foo Fighters might enjoy listening to us too.

Are you working on album nro 3 already or will you take more time for the next one?
Besides our set list we are working also on new songs. Another release date has not been fixed yet, though.

You have created several videos, so have you planned to make some videos for the new album?
Well, the song "Rhapsody" is already featured as a video, and it has been online since the release. Instead of the usual video set up we wanted to show the whole work process of both albums, basically the time from 2007 until now.
This should be enough as promotion for HITF at the moment. Now we are mainly focused on live shows.

Your music is part of the new spot for Opel Adam & Drive (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqAqoWxkiRY ) - how did that happen?
This was part of a campaign to which our singer was involved professionally .

You´ve been lucky to snatch a record deal, and I have been asking myself, if you really need this in this age of Facebook/YouTube/ Soundcloud and Crowdfunding? What would you have done when you had not been successful in finding a label?
We financed the whole thing out of our own pockets. The label had no influence on the production. It works if you are working hard enough. The positive aspect of the digital age is that you can do pretty much everything yourself (recordings, videos, promo, graphic design, etc...). The downside is that everybody is doing it. Which makes it more difficult to get to play more gigs – or to expand the fan base – because the band pool is way too big. Promoters rather choose a band with a bigger fan base, which complicates the situation further. Therefore more and more bands follow this buy-on system in order to reach their audience. We have never considered crowdfunding. You can invest your money into more useful stuff. We rather want to have people supporting us by buying our CD and coming to our shows so that we can save some money for the next record.

What do you want to achieve with your music? Do you dream about sold out tours and playing in huge stadiums, or don´t you dream that big?
LOL, who does not dream of those things? Let me express it like this: who is too grimly chasing success cannot enjoy the little things. We will continue doing what we enjoy doing and what is in our reach. Our goal was producing the best possible album that we have ever done. Anything else that follows afterwards is a bonus.

And last but not least: Why should people come to see your shows?
What you hear is what you get. In case you like the sound on our CD you will also enjoy us live. Moreover, we are all quite good-looking :)

Thank you for your time and all the best!
Thank you :)

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Author: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber, Fotos: Band
Date: 2014-12-23

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