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Entombed - weird, mad, ill, pervert and very likeable

In the first place, the plan was to do this interview during the WM, but even tough I´m not a big football fan, I couldn´t be mad at Alex Hellid, who "forgot" it. After some warm-up time, we finally got it and STALKER wormed out some interesting stuff of the Entombed master mind. We talked to some of the most weird, mad, ill and perverted bands in the world... which is really likeable.

How are you, Alex?
Good thanks. Still writing for the album. It will be sick!

I am a little confused about your current line up. As far as I know the current one is L.G. Petrov (vocals), Uffe Cederlund (guitars), you (guitars), Jörgen Sandström got replaced with Nico Elgstrand (bass) and I heard that Peter Stjärnvind (drums) isn´t in Entombed anymore… Could you clear things up a little?
The line up is: me (Alex on guitar), LG (vocals), Nico Elgstrand (bass) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums). We parted ways with Uffe almost a year ago. He was not having fun and it had been effecting us for too long…it was the only right thing…hope he´s happier now…

Why did you changed your drummer?
Peter was forced to leave the band due to personal family issues and we welcomed Olle Dahlstedt, who had been sitting in for Peter for a while, into the band. He´s an amazing drummer and people won´t shut up about it after our shows these days. So things are very good.

What was the reason for Entombed to split up with Jörgen?
The combination of being sick of touring and not getting along with Uffe was what got to him, he told us.

How is Nico fitting in the band?
Perfectly…like a big dick in a small pussy…we are tight! Great musician and great engineer, so we have him doing double duty while we record, which I´m sure he loves almost as much as our bank account love it.

Could you give us a little character analysis of the members including you?
LG is the star. A real character. He´s the face to the crowd and his voice the medium that spreads the word and wets the panties. Without LG there is no Entombed.
Nico is the sticky green loving virtuoso who constantly bitches but somehow manages to stay positive. He enjoys the finer things in life like good wine, gourmet food and to fly under the government´s radar.
Olle is the wolverine…very friendly but don´t get on his dark side, I wouldn´t. He joins Nico with the cigar and cognac at the end of the night and loves Jaguars.
I am the fixer. Looks after shit…always too many balls in the air but most of the time I manage to keep them from crashing down… We´re all fucked up misfits who refuse to join mainstream society. We have no problems with it we just keep our distance. Together we create the entity that is Entombed and lead us all by the morning star.

For what do the letters L.G. stand for?
LARS-GÖRAN which means LIVING GOD in his mother´s tongue.

After all this long time and changes inside the band. Have you ever been thinking of forsake?
Forsake meaning stopping the band? It is not up to us. We only serve the entombed entity. When a king dies you don´t shut the country down (not often anyway) you get a new king. Entombed is more than a band to us, we live in it. So until we die or get exiled we will continue to spread the word!

Is Entombed still an adventure for you?
Yes, very much. More so than ever now that we are a four piece actually. Everything is new and every show is a challenge. We enjoy each others company and are making great noise. I so look forward so look forward to hearing the new album we´re just about to finish it´s killing me. Like a kid on xmas…it´s exciting fucking times and we have places to go!

Even though you have a lot of new songs in your repertoire, I´ve never been on a concert where you were not playing at least one, or two songs of your first album. The style changed a lot since 1990… are those songs still representative for Entombed?
Yes, very much so. We are still doing the same thing we did back then. This band has been changing since the start and we just never stopped. It is what we do and it is what keeps us alive and well. To play the old shit live is always fun when we get it right occasionally. The challenge for perfect execution is always there and sometimes we create magic which keeps you coming back for more, including ourselves.

In the past Entombed called their music “devil music” and not death metal. Are you still using this description?
Yes, devil music is a good way to put it.

What is the difference to common death metal?
Since death metal means a lot of different things to a lot of different people I think devil music sums it up properly and makes it acquaint that we are on the other team. And it´s not about religion or politics or anything like that it´s about common sense vs stupidity. It´s extremely satanic freedom songs and to me that´s a positive. The oppressors are always trying to make devils and demons out of the beliefs and characters of the ones they oppress. That what we´re trying to shine a light on. People are always fast on pointing the finger and playing the blame game…ok, I´m not gonna get to deep into this shit or I´m never gonna get up…to finish your question…. I don´t mind if people call us death metal at all of course they are welcome to call us friendly power pop for all I care though DM is probably closer to the spot.

Could you compare “Unreal Estate” with “When In Sodom”?
UE is a weird live event put on tape. Nothing like it before or after. We have never sounded so good on a live recording so we fought it a crime not to put it out. When in Sodom is the new ep…the first new studio material form Entombed since Inferno (2003) and it will be followed by Serpent Saints, the full length album later this year. WIS is positively evil and sick metal.

Could you explain the thoughts behind the songs and there meanings:
When In Sodom?
Lyrically WIS reflects the world we live in, which I love, but, according to how smart and fucking civilized we are supposedly, it is a very sick place. People are just like the rest of animals only a little more hypocritical since we constantly put ourselves on top of the pedestal and act like we own the place…all this over some slayer influenced mayhem. We dig it!

More of the same. Can not get over what people do to each other to get a head. The wannabe gods out there are pathetic but do harm all the same. That´s the way it is and there´s nothing you can do about it…it´s our nature…but it still amazes the shit out of me so I write about it. Love this place but some people are fucking mad… that´s La Vey at the end by the way...he fit so eerily we had to keep it.

Evil little piece to tie round it off. Another freedom song full of love and joy, no really, I see things positively even though it might look grim to some.

Your full-length album “Serpent Saints” will be released in mid September. Is the EP showing the way, or are there some surprises on the album?
The album will blow you off your feet. We are still working on it so mid September might be a little soon but we´ll finish it asap and get it out to the masses because they need to hear this. When in Sodom will be on the album together with nine more songs, and as I said before I can´t wait to hear the finished thing myself it will be sickly surprising.

Are you planning to do a new DVD?
Still working on the Unreal Estate dvd. Will finish it when we´re done with the album. People need to see that it was fucking great to be a part of and we want to show that to the world!

Will there be again some cool merchandise coming along with the album? My little brother is wearing those “God is great – but Satan is super” and “Satan lovers united” shirts at least once a week…
Always…can´t wait to get the new ideas on shirts…always thinking up new ones…he won´t be disappointed.

Who is coming up with the ideas for it?
Me and all of us filter what is around us all the time, trying to pick the cherries, and then I usually sit down and make it real.

Could you tell us something about your label situation?
We are on Threeman Recordings which we own and plan to work with who ever can get our music out the best. We have distro set up and ready to go. What is important to us is that we will control what is put out and when. That´s worth a lot.

What is your experience and opinion about the music business in general?
Love it. Otherwise I would not be in it. It´s chaos, which I thrive on….love the way that there are no rules and laws just pure animalistic nature and instincts and what seems like luck, much like what makes the rest of the world tick.

Dark Funeral and Naglfar have had some problems in very catholic towns in Poland. If one of your shows would be cancelled because of religion motivated demonstrations. How would you handle it and what would you feel?
They are what they fight - is all I can say. Fucking disgusting is what it is. When I think about people like that I just wanna puke and write angry lyrics at the same time I have to laugh because it is so fucking funny that people get so worked up over shit. Hilarious!

Do you have a religion for your own? Or a kind of life philosophy?
Of course. Everyone do. It´s when you try and push it on someone else that is not asking for it that things get wrong. The short of it is that I believe in nature and things I can´t even explain to myself and don´t see a need to. I know what I know and that´s good for me. Nothing I hate more than people, that want you to believe what they believe bla bla bla…at the same time I try not to let it get to me and just brush it off. Don´t mind religions and beliefs or politics or anything as long as I don´t have to take part. People are crazy and I like craziness…I´m a voyeur.

In view of some of Entombeds lyrics… would you describe your relationship to women still healthy? (laughter)
Yes. They are god in my book!

Hamburg (where we sit) was infected with football world championship fever / madness. What about you? Did you watch all football matches?
Didn´t see all of them but a few. Felt a little empty when it was all over didn´t it?

Yes, kind of really.

I guess Sweden is your favourite team, right? Were you betting for the WM?
No, I´m not betting. Well we all know what happened, since I was a little slow in answering these questions, sorry, but I would have loved for Sweden to have made it a little further. Nothing brings Swedes together like when the football team plays well. It´s almost scary.

What was the nastiest rumour about Entombed?
Well we have had pretty much had all of them by now. All of them true of course. Nothing better than a good rumour to stir things up a little.

And about you?
That I am the devil.

Ah ja! (laughter)

Have you ever been really ashamed of something?
No. What is it good for? Dancing in front of 25000 people and swinging my dick during a claw finger show at WFF a couple of years back would probably upset some people but I´m used to it by now. Redbull and vodka instead of wine in the bottle was the devil there.

I heard you got an offer for a TV-show in Sweden with Entombed. Is this just a rumour?
We´ve done a few TV shows way back but I´m not sure if that´s the one you´re referring to. We´ve done some stupid shit just because we don´t know how to say no some times but it´s mostly fun.

Do you have any advice for young death metal bands?
Play play play…and play…really want it or get washed away.

Thank you!
Thank you!

Author: Samira Alinto, Photos: hfr.
Date: 2006-08-10

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